Meet Phil- Private Chef and Owner of Chef Phil

Today we’re heading to the big smoke to catch up with Phil, top chef and owner of Chef Phil, a London-based service providing private and personal dining experiences. 

Let’s hear how Phil successfully made the leap from working in restaurants to becoming his own boss, and how he was able to secure a steady stream of clients for his new role through Bark.

Tell us a bit about you and your company

I’m Phil, and my company is Chef Phil (you can guess where the name inspiration came from!). I currently use Bark to gain business as a private/personal chef for lunches and dinners within people’s homes.

I’ve been a chef since I was 18, building my experience working in top restaurants in London, Australia, and America, before moving into corporate dining. 

When did you join Bark? 

I joined Bark in the middle of 2020. 

What made you decide to join Bark?

My work has temporarily stopped because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and I wasn’t sure when I’d be returning to work. Cooking isn’t just my career but my passion – so not being able to work felt like I was losing my passion. 

Signing up to Bark and starting fresh as a private/personal chef for lunches and dinners within people’s homes allowed me to maintain an income and continue doing what I love.

How have you adapted to your new role? 

Pre-covid I was employed in corporate/contract dining as a senior sous chef, where I was in charge of the running of the kitchen and putting out daily staff dining, business lunches, private dinners, canapés functions and buffets.

Switching to private functions has been an exciting new challenge. I now bring the restaurant to people’s homes, making them feel like they’re in their own private restaurant. I can honestly say that I get the same amount of enjoyment out of it as my clients get from being cooked for. 

How have you found Bark so far? 

Since joining Bark, I’ve managed to pick up plenty of business in the last two months which has helped to boost my profile and gain more clients.

Bark has helped me to able to get work during this pandemic and be able to do what I enjoy but has also helped me to provide a service to people who are looking for something special during lockdown.

Any tips for succeeding on Bark? 

Be precise about what you can offer, but also allow flexibility in terms of promoting your service through positive reviews and word of mouth, even if digital marketing isn’t an area you’re familiar with. Once you understand how to leverage your Bark profile it will be much easier to win new clients through Bark. 

How have you found our Customer Success team? 

I have found the customer service team pleasant and helpful with navigating the site or any issues regarding my profile.

It was a real pleasure to speak to Phil about his culinary journey. We’re seriously impressed to hear how Phil pivoted to an entirely new career in the midst of a pandemic – his cooking must be good!

Looking for a fine dining experience from the comfort of your living room? Search for Chef Phil on Bark! For a taste of Phil’s cuisine, head over to his Instagram page (Warning: browsing not advisable when hungry!).

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