Meet Katrina – Magician and Illusionist

Today we’re jumping across the pond to speak with Katrina, a self-employed magician and small business owner. 

Let’s hear how Katrina has grown her business on Bark!

Tell us a bit about you and your background 

I’m an award-winning magician and illusionist for high-end affairs, such as weddings, corporate events and more.

I’ve worked as a professional magician for over 9 years, performing all over the world, including Africa, India, Mexico, Europe, and America. 

Despite our changing world I continue to dazzle audiences with my interactive virtual magic shows and in-person magic shows.

What made you want to branch out and start your own business? 

This is gonna sound funny but honestly, I never liked waking up in the morning and having to be at the same place at the same time or having a boss. I love having the freedom to work from home or travel whenever I want. 

I love exploring the world. Being a professional magician grants me the freedom and flexibility to travel and live the life of my dreams.

When did you join Bark, and why did you join? 

I joined Bark in 2020 after the pandemic hit me hard and I lost many of my jobs. I joined it because another magician and mentalist told me all the super high-end events were on there getting booked such as weddings, corporate parties and more. He was right. I’ve had much success since joining Bark. I’ve connected with a lot of wedding planners who want magic at their events and even some corporate holiday parties.

What has your experience on Bark been like so far? 

I’ve booked several weddings and corporate events as well as virtual magic shows. It’s been a really wonderful experience. Bark customer service is really attentive. When I have issues they always respond right away and fix them.

What do you like most about Bark? 

The best part of Bark is how they connect me with clients that wouldn’t know I exist. It helps grow my fan base and company.

Do you have any tips for success for professionals new to Bark? Or for new business owners in general? 

Always contact the client right away. Do it all the different ways you can. Be polite. Don’t sound desperate or pushy. Be informative and offer them advice, information and a quote as a helpful expert. I make it as easy as possible to have them book their event and talk to me on the phone. 

I always send an email right away and call the client. If they don’t answer I leave a voicemail and text and I always am sure to include my website, email and phone number to contact me at.

We were spellbound after chatting with Katrina! If you’re looking for a world-class, award-winning magician to wow your kids (or yourself!), check her out on Bark

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