Lockdown survival guide – come out of lockdown as your best self

So here we are back in another lockdown. It’s so easy to focus on all the difficulties we are experiencing during this time. The reality is that there is a lot we cannot control about it, especially in the face of a pandemic. 

However, one way to use this time productivity is to work on issues that are preventing you from being your best self. Whether your sticking points are mental or physical, all of us have room for improvement. 

Here is our guide on how to come out of lockdown as your best self to guide you. 

Create some goals

Most of us have more time on our hands than we are used to at the minute. If you want to use the time productively so that you come out of lockdown in a better place, creating goals is the way to go. This can include working on yourself in the form of hiring a life coach. Compared with doing nothing, taking action by creating goals and an action plan to achieve them is much more likely to achieve success. 

Alternatively, if you own a business or have always wanted to start one, then why not give business coaching a try? Doing so can give you some valuable insight into whether your idea has legs or not. An expert opinion could also get you out of a jam if you are having problems with your business too. 

Seek counselling 

Lockdown offers a unique time of stillness in all our lives and is a great time for reflection. Counsellors are currently working virtually and can help you with any of the struggles you have been facing since the pandemic began. But, they can also help you process any long-standing issues to find a way forward. For example, dealing with anxiety, depression, phobias or self-esteem issues. 

Counsellors can work with you as a couple too. Lockdown has understandably put a strain on a lot of couples, and talking things through with a neutral party can be of huge benefit. Many counsellors specialise in relationships and compared with living in a home full of tension or unhappiness, it’s far better to talk things through. 

Revise your diet 

All of us are guilty of hitting the takeaway deliveries during lockdown. But, with the lesser distractions (seen as we can’t go anywhere), now is also a good time to fix your diet. Both dieticians and nutritionists can point you in the right direction, whether you simply want to lose some weight or have health conditions you’d like to combat through your diet. 

While you can’t visit a dietician or nutritionist in person, you can have a virtual consultation with them. By telling them your stats and issues you’d like to overcome, they can help devise a tailored plan for you. After all, if you want to emerge from this difficult time as your best self, you can’t do so if you are eating the wrong foods. 

Virtual personal training 

During lockdown, personal training is banned unless it’s carried out in an outdoor public place. But you can still work with a personal trainer virtually, at least until you can meet up in person. Exercising can offer a much-needed boost to both your mental and physical health and will put you in a much better frame of mind for the months ahead. 

Most people wait until January to start a new fitness regime, but if you think about it, that’s setting you up for a fall. After all, how easy is it to give up our New Year’s resolutions? Plus, most personal trainers get booked up during January. If you start during lockdown, you’ll be ahead of the game. 

To sum up 

Lockdown is a tough time that we all must go through. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t spend this time to improve aspects of yourself that are holding you back. From fixing your diet to seeking counselling, if you use this time to work on yourself, you will emerge from lockdown a much stronger person for it.

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