Lockdown and home improvement – who can I have in my house?

As we plunge into another lockdown, you might be wondering what this means for who is now allowed to enter your home. While mixing might be strictly banned, what about key services you may require? 

Here’s the lowdown about who you can and can’t have in your house during lockdown to tell you more. 


Beauticians and hairdressers have been forced to close their doors once again during this lockdown. As the service is not considered essential, they are not permitted to work in your home. 


Cleaners cannot work remotely, which means they are permitted to continue working as normal throughout lockdown. If your property is on the smaller size, you may need to stay in one room while the cleaner works to avoid contact as social distancing measures still need to be adhered to. 


Locksmiths are an essential service, so they will continue to operate during lockdown. This includes retail outlets relating to the trade. They will only be responding to essential call outs such as owners locked out of the house or emergency key cutting. 


Those who provide childcare can travel to their place of work as they cannot work remotely, and this includes nannies and babysitters. If your nanny would normally look after your children at your home, they can continue to do so. 

Personal Trainers

Gyms are closed during the lockdown, but you are permitted to leave your home to exercise once per day, as long as it’s within your local area.

You are also allowed to exercise in a public outdoor space with 1 person from another household when on your own, which includes a personal trainer. However, you can’t invite a personal trainer over to your house or any other indoor environment. Luckily, many personal trainers are conducting classes over Zoom, which is ideal while you wait for gyms to reopen. 


If roofers can maintain social distancing, then they can continue to work during the lockdown. Though, consultations will need to be done over the phone rather than in person. If you have a problem with your roof, it is better to get it fixed sooner rather than later, due to other severe problems such as water damage and mould it can cause if not. 


The likes of plumbers, electricians, and builders are permitted to work in your home during the lockdown. Though, they aren’t allowed to work if they are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. Some tradespeople are limiting the jobs they take on to cover urgent callouts only.

If the job isn’t urgent, it’s certainly worth waiting until lockdown is over to have any work done to your home. This is especially the case if you live in an area of the UK that is experiencing a high infection rate, as the least people you come into contact with the better. 

To sum up 

It’s good to note that rules are subject to change and that no work should be carried out on your home if you are self-isolating.

Check out the latest UK government guidelines here.

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