Home renovation during lockdown

Noticed a leak in your ceiling? Fed up of your dreary hallway? Lockdown gives you plenty of time to sort out your house woes. The tricky part is navigating work being done during said lockdown.

Even if you are reading this article long after lockdown has ended, many restrictions may still apply with regards to who you can have in your home and the rules tradespeople need to adhere to. 

Here is our guide on carrying out a home renovation during lockdown to tell you more. 

Are tradespeople still working in lockdown?

The UK government has stated that tradespeople can continue to work during lockdown, as their work cannot be done from home. Though, the work should only involve anything that’s absolutely necessary during the lockdown period.  

For example, fixing urgent problems with plumbing, electric or gas. Roofers and rendering teams are also still able to work as they can do so outside.

Many tradespeople are also operating a buddy system so that they only come into close contact with one person. They will all adhere to social distancing, wear masks inside and frequently wash their hands. 

Some tradespeople may decide to hold off on accepting new jobs until lockdown is over. If the tradesperson is currently self isolating, then they cannot work and any customer who is self isolating should not be inviting anyone into their home either. Though virtual consultations to discuss the work can still take place. 

What can you do while you wait?

If you’re apprehensive to have work done in your home during lockdown, or if the service provider isn’t working until after lockdown, there are some things you can be doing in the meantime. 

For example, researching the exact service you require by reading articles or researching reviews. Using rendering as an example, there are many different types of rendering from the material to the finish to consider. 

You can also hire a virtual interior designer to come up with some ideas for your renovation. It’s also handy to spend this time working out your budget and shopping for any supplies you can source at this time. 

Emergency repairs

If you have noticed a problem that warrants an emergency response (water coming through the ceiling, faulty gas supply, dangerous electrics etc), then you shouldn’t delay in contacting the appropriate help. 

Landlords also have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their properties, even during lockdown. Though if they do have to enter your property to check the problem, you’ll need to keep well away from them ideally staying in a different part of the house to avoid any possible contact.

Good points to note

Be aware that offering cups of tea or allowing people to use your bathroom or kitchen is strictly off limits whilst social distancing measures are still in place. Even when lockdown is lifted, the way home renovations are carried out will be subject to changes. This could include the likes of virtual consultations rather than home visits, less interaction with homeowners etc. 

To sum up

It’s not ideal to start renovations on your home during lockdown, but in many cases, it can still be done especially if the work is contained to the outside of your home. Tradespeople have been working hard behind the scenes to be able to still serve their customers, ensuring both your and their safety while the work is being completed.


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