Hire someone to ‘queue’ for your Glastonbury tickets

Glastonbury Festival is one of the biggest music events in the UK every couple of years, and as a result buying tickets for the festival can be near to impossible. Therefore, our new service, Professional Glastonbury Queuer, is designed to give people the best possible chance of securing tickets for the 50th anniversary event next June.

The service is available across the whole of the UK and is designed for music fans who don’t have the time or ability to buy the tickets themselves when they are released.

To use the service, you must have completed your registration with Glastonbury Festival, which required a passport photo and personal details, and be willing to share your registration numbers and corresponding postcode with your Professional Glastonbury Queuer ahead of tickets going on sale. If you are booking for yourself and other people, each individual’s registration numbers and postcodes must be sent ahead of sale so a ticket can be allocated specifically to them. Members of the public who are not already registered will be unable to use the service for 2020 tickets.

As with all Bark.com professionals, Professional Glastonbury Queuers can set their own fees, but it’s thought prices will start from £50. All fees must be paid in advance of queuing, and you can negotiate an optional ‘buying bonus’ with your Professional Glastonbury Queuer if they do manage to secure tickets on your behalf.

A weekend ticket to Glastonbury Festival costs £265 plus a £5 booking fee and can be secured with a £50 deposit per ticket plus coach fare if purchasing a coach and ticket package. The deposit money, booking fee, and coach fare (if relevant) must be given to Professional Glastonbury Queuers prior to tickets going on sale so they can purchase them on your behalf.

Those who sign up to be a Professional Glastonbury Queuer will have to provide a photo ID and be subject to a full background check. Bark.com will facilitate the agreement but recommends a contract is written up between the customer and Queuer to agree on the transfer of money and terms. While paying for the help of a Professional Glastonbury Queuer can greatly increase people’s chances of securing the coveted Glastonbury tickets, it is not a guarantee of tickets to the Festival.

The general admission tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2020 go on sale Sunday 6th October at 9am. Tickets to Glastonbury Festival including coach travel go on sale Thursday 3rd October at 6pm. The 50th anniversary Glastonbury Festival will be held from 24th to 28th June 2020 at Worthy Farm.

People looking to get hold of Glastonbury tickets can book a Professional Queuer here.

If you’d like to become a Professional Glastonbury Queuer, check out how to sign up here.

Bark.com co-founder, Kai Feller said,

“Glastonbury Festival is one of the biggest music events in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people trying to get tickets all at the same time. Our Professional Glastonbury Queuer service aims to give those Festival fans that can’t get online when tickets go on sale – whether that’s due to work and/or family commitments, unreliable WiFi, or no access to a smartphone or computer – the same chance as others to secure their tickets.

“While we sadly can’t guarantee tickets for anyone that uses the service, we hope we can help make some Glastonbury fans dreams of attending the 50th anniversary of the Festival come true.”

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