Hire a Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Player and increase your chances of winning big!

Do you collect McDonald’s Monopoly stickers every year, but win nothing? Do you wish you could get your hands on that £100,000? Or a Mini Cooper? Well our newest service gives you the best possible chance!

Every year the McDonald’s Monopoly phenomenon sweeps the nation, and our new Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Player service is designed to give people the best possible chance at winning big.

I’m sure most of you will remember Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, whose dad buys thousands of Wonka bars and has his factory workers opening them to try and find a Golden Ticket? Well that’s exactly what our Pro McDonald’s Monopoly Players will be doing – finding the big prizes on your behalf, while you get the prizes, without having to do anything!

We’ve launched the service to help time-strapped members of the public who are looking to win prizes during the McDonald’s Monopoly period, but don’t have the time, or don’t want to collect the stickers themselves. It also increases a person’s likelihood of winning bigger prizes by widening the area of the UK they can get stickers from.

If you’re thinking about hiring one, you’ll be asked specific questions about how you’d like your Monopoly Player to carry out the work, number of meals to buy, which prizes you’re looking for, and how much you’d like to spend on McDonald’s food items, as well as a number of other questions relating to the service.

Here’s a list of the prizes up for grabs in the year’s McDonald’s Monopoly campaign – and we’re sure you can see why people would want to get their hands on as many stickers as possible:

  • £100k in cash (4 available)
  • MINI Cooper (15 available)
  • A trip for four to Universal Orlando (20 available)
  • Xbox One games console (400 available)
  • NOW TV smart box and a one-year pass (10,000 available)
  • £250 experience with Red Letter Days (800 available)

People looking to win McDonald’s Monopoly prizes can book a professional McDonald’s Monopoly Player here:

Find McDonald’s Monopoly Players Now

If you’d like to become a Pro Monopoly Player, check out how to sign up here.

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