Heart-warming ‘63 Up’ documentary inspires £50k family request

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A family are looking for a videographer to record their sons’ childhood, who are aged two, three and seven, to create a documentary that they can gift them when they are all 18 years old.

The job role comes with a £50,000 salary, free accommodation in the family’s guest house, which is situated on their property and healthcare. The job will involve being on-call and 3 days a week of filming and editing. It’s a big commitment, but also a fantastic opportunity for someone who is creative and loves to work on long-lead projects.

Here’s the request in full:


I am wondering whether you can help.

My husband and I have three young sons aged two, three and seven. We love watching documentaries, especially ones about children and growing up. We always watch the Secret Lives of Four Year Olds and sat down last week to watch 63 Up, which sparked an idea.

It occurred to us that having a professional documentary-style movie would be a fantastic way to celebrate our little family. We’d love to do it ourselves but as a couple, we decided that we want to be part of the story, instead of constantly watching the kids through our phone screens.

That’s where we want your help. We want to find a videographer to work on an on-call basis, 3 days a week (filming and editing however they see fit in that time) to create a sort of digital scrapbook of our kids’ childhood to give them when they turn 18, which we hope will fill them with joy and nostalgia. We want the videos to be sorted into yearly ‘chapters’, if that makes sense.

We know this is a huge ask, because essentially we’re asking someone to come and live, share and shoot our lives for years. But we hope there will be someone out there who will see this is a fun project and unmissable opportunity. I can’t imagine many come around like this?

We’re offering £50,000 a year plus accommodation in our guest house and healthcare benefits for the right candidate. We’d like videos to be as candid as possible, but we don’t want a stranger to be filming our kids, so we are asking for potential candidates to spend a few days with us as a family to make sure that they’re the right fit. Naturally, we will want to do some background checks and to see some examples of applicants’ work.

Do you think you could help us find the right person for our little family?

Many thanks,

*name removed as requested*

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