Can you help plan a fake funeral? Prankster looking to arrange his own funeral

It’s a very unusual request, but we’re hoping that we can find a team of service professionals that can help a young man on his latest mission. Have you seen that episode of Friends with Ross’ funeral, you know The One Where No One Dies?

Inspired by that episode of Friends, the young man has emailed requesting help with hosting his own funeral, but the twist is, he’s very much alive and well. Being known as the joker in his friendship group and feeling fed up at how little men talk to each other on a personal level, the man who sent the request is hoping his latest ruse can make a difference.

The Friends fan has saved up £5,000 to make his stunt a reality.

The request stated:

‘Hi, I’m emailing as I added a job to your site recently but have had no response, I was hoping customer services might be able to help me. I am looking for someone to help me and my best mate to hold my funeral for me. 

I’ve always been the joker of the pack and think it would be hilarious to invite my mates to come along, just like that episode of Friends where they pretend that Ross is dead.

I’ve always wondered what my own funeral would be like, and if I’m honest, I’d like a few nice things said about me. Blokes are just too scared to talk, stiff upper lip and all that. I’m hoping that instead of people buying flowers, maybe people can donate to a mental health charity. I want my mates to know that it’s not soft to chat about stuff and I want to know they’ve got my back as much as I have theirs.

In regard to the funeral, I’d like some help getting the message out on social media, I need somewhere to host it, some catering for my wake and an actor who can be a priest on the day.

Not to go into too much detail, but I’ve come in to a bit of money recently, so I’ve got about £5k to spend.

Anyway, do you reckon you could help me find someone to help me out?



If you think you can help this man out, register your services and apply here. co-founder, Kai Feller said,

“This is certainly an unusual request. We really do pride ourselves in being able to give people what they want and need and if this is it, then so be it! I hope the young chap gets the reaction he hopes for from his friends and that his acting isn’t too convincing!”

“I know that this chap can get everything he needs on our platform, but juggling events like this can be difficult, especially when it needs to be done in secret! His point about men being reluctant to really speak together is an important one too – I’m glad there’ll be an important issue discussed by his ruse.”

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