Confessions of a personal trainer

It turns out that personal trainers have to deal with a lot more than tired or time-poor clients! 

We recently asked 2,342 of our personal trainers about the strangest requests they’ve received from clients – and the results are certainly interesting, to say the least!

In addition to the weirdest requests they’ve received, personal trainers were also asked about any inappropriate behaviour they’ve experienced from clients, the weirdest goals clients have wanted to achieve, and the most unusual locations clients have asked to have a PT session.

The top ten weirdest requests personal trainers have received from clients are:

  1. Nude training sessions
  2. Oiled up, bare chested wrestling
  3. Sex with the client
  4. Message a man on Tinder on behalf of the client
  5. Glute massages after every session
  6. To not sweat during the workout
  7. To implement a safe word 
  8. To not make any eye contact during the session
  9. Hold the client’s face while doing exercises
  10. Scream offensive language at the client during the session

Some of the most inappropriate behaviour personal trainers experienced:

  1. Coming to the session high on drugs
  2. Getting naked before a workout whilst they changed
  3. Smoking in the gym
  4. Requesting sex
  5. Texting nude photos
  6. Discussing their affair
  7. Spanking the trainer’s bum
  8. Calling and texting through the night
  9. Passing gas in the PT’s face during an exercise
  10. Sexual moaning during the session

Personal trainers also revealed some of the weirdest goals clients have wanted to achieve through their PT sessions: 

  1. Better endurance for their job in the porn industry
  2. To get a six-pack two weeks before their holiday
  3. To look like a Chip’N’Dale dancer
  4. To get ‘Michelle Obama arms’
  5. To get a bum like a Kardashian
  6. To lose weight without changing their lifestyle/eating habits
  7. To become good at ‘twerking’
  8. To make an ex-boyfriend jealous at his wedding
  9. To enter a hotdog eating competition
  10. To change their shoe size

A handful of respondents were also asked to host personal training sessions in some very odd places:

  1. A client’s bedroom
  2. A client’s car
  3. On a helipad
  4. At the top of a mountain
  5. An office cubicle
  6. A swimming pool
  7. On a coach
  8. A racquet court at 6am (where no one could see them working out)
  9. Back office of the gym
  10. A hot attic

Kai Feller, co-founder, commented,

“There’s no doubt personal trainers see the best and worst in people when putting them through their paces, but after hearing from our fitness experts, it sounds like tired or time-poor clients are the least of their worries.

“It’s interesting – and slightly disturbing – to see just how much inappropriate and down-right odd behaviour personal trainers have to put up with, and I hope members of the public will have a newfound respect for personal trainers after seeing the results of our survey – I certainly do!”

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