Ask the Expert: How to protect your home from mice and other winter pests

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only mammals who like to cosy up warm indoors during the winter months.

When the weather starts to turn, pests of all shapes and sizes venture inside to seek refuge from the elements – and unless you want to end up sharing your home with them later in the year, now is the time to act.

So we spoke to one of our top pest control experts – Josh Simpson from King Pest Control – to discover what you can do today to keep your home free from pests this winter.

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Watch out for mice and rats this winter

“Rodents are the main issue in colder months, as insect activity reduces at a rapid rate,” says Josh. “Mice are pushed in due to the harsh weather conditions outside, but they will be found all year round once present.”

It’s not just the cold that drives animals indoors in winter, either. Josh says that snow and heavy downpours can also cause flooding and force even the largest rodents to abandon their usual homes.

“Rat infestations, nine times out of 10, tend to come from drainage faults,” he explains. “We see a surge of rat jobs after heavy rain due to the rats being pushed out of drains for safe harbourage.”

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Block entry points to keep the rodents at bay

The key to keeping your house rodent-free is to find and block all holes they might use to enter your home – such as cracks in doors and windows, and any openings caused by recent plumbing or electrical works.

But, because many rodents can flatten their out skeletons to fit through even the tiniest gaps, it takes an experienced eye to survey a property and identify all possible access points.

“Mice are capable of gaining access through holes as little as 5mm,” Josh explains. “So we advise you to always get a professional to step in and block the holes.”

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What to do if you spot an “unwanted visitor”

If you do discover signs of unwanted guests, it can be tempting to try and deal with them using ‘over the counter’ traps. But, Josh warns that attempting to resolve the problem by yourself can have unintended consequences.

“Contact professionals immediately,” he advises. “Mice and rats are dangerous animals and a risk to health due to the diseases they carry.”

“Dealing with infestations can be dangerous to non-target species if poison or traps are not laid in a correct way,” he adds. “Poisoning or trapping certain species of mammal can land you in prison, so it’s always best to leave it to someone who knows what they are doing.”

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The easy way to keep your home pest-free this winter

With thousands of registered pest control experts throughout the UK, protecting your home against pests like mice and rats is easy with Bark.

“The most rewarding thing about my job is our ability to help people when they are in desperate need of help,” says Josh. “Also, being able to solve problems which other pest controllers can’t fix is very rewarding.”

Place your Bark today and we’ll do all the legwork to get you quotes from recommended local pest controllers like King Pest Control fast and free.

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Book a boiler service today to ensure your home stays warm this winter

Autumn has barely begun and already there’s a chill in the air. Soon, it will be time to fire up the boiler and bed in for the cold months ahead.

Keeping your boiler in top working order is essential if you want to avoid unpleasant outages later in the year. It’s also a great way to ensure your central heating is running efficiently, and could save you up to 25% on your heating bills.

Here’s why you should book your boiler in now for its annual checkup to help make sure your home stays lovely and warm this winter.

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Why do boilers break in winter?

Your boiler is the main system responsible for heating your home, and it does this by boiling water to generate steam. That steam then heats the air in a forced air system, such as your central heating or underfloor heating.

If your boiler doubles as your hot water heater, it will work all year round. But, as the temperature starts to cool, it will need to work much harder to boil its water.

This can put extra strain on your boiler, especially if it’s poorly maintained – and as a result, your boiler is more likely to break in winter.

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How can you tell if your boiler is broken?

Boiler failure can present itself in a variety of ways – the most obvious being if it stops working entirely and your house becomes freezing cold. If your boiler also supplies your house with hot water, a broken boiler will also leave your home without hot water.

Worst of all, poorly maintained boilers can start leaking highly dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Over 4,000 people are admitted to A&E with boiler related carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK each year – so it’s important to get yours serviced regularly.

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What does a boiler technician do?

During a service checkup, your boiler technician will check for oil or gas leaks, and maximise the efficiency of your boiler . An experienced boiler technician will also be able to listen for any strange noises that might indicate damage.

Should your boiler need replacing, they may also conduct a heating system flush to remove any waste or sludge that’s built up in your heating system.

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How much could you save?

Having a boiler engineer optimise your boiler’s efficiency has the potential to substantially reduce your heating bills. For example, while some people view them as being generally less reliable, modern boilers are significantly more efficient than their older counterparts.

According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, boilers more than 15 years old are likely to have less than 70% efficient. By contrast, modern boilers are typically more than 90% efficient.

That means replacing your old boiler with a new one has the potential to knock 25% off your heating bills.

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Where can you find a reliable boiler technician?

With Bark, finding a reliable boiler technician is easy. We’ll do all the legwork to find you recommended local pros, so you can simply choose the one that’s right for you.

When selecting a boiler technician, it’s important to keep their level of experience in mind. If your boiler runs on gas, you should also ask if they’re a member of the UK Gas Safe Register, as all UK gas engineers are required to register with this body by law.

Place a Bark today to prepare your boiler for winter, and get quotes from recommended boiler technicians in your area fast and free.

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How to hire a great caterer for your next event or party

What party would be complete without delicious food? It’s the secret ingredient that keeps your guests dancing and having fun well into the small hours – so it’s important your caterer serves up a feast everyone can enjoy.

At Bark, we’re proud to be helping people throughout the UK find great local catering companies. But before we start putting you in touch with caterers in your area, you need to know what you’re looking for.

To help you choose the right pro for you, we created this easy guide to hiring a great caterer for your next event or party.

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Know your guest profile

While it might be relatively easy to create a menu your closest friends will enjoy, when planning larger events you’ll often need to cater for a range of tastes and eating requirements.

For example, older attendees may prefer a milder, less adventurous menu to younger guests. Meanwhile, guests concerned with health and fitness may prefer more seafood or vegetarian options.

Considering your guests’ preferences in this way should help you arrive at a much clearer idea about what sort of caterer you’re looking for.

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Plan your menu

Once you know what sorts of guest you’re expecting, it’s time to start planning your menu.

With Bark, this is easy. Simply indicate what sorts of cuisine you’ll consider when placing your Bark and ask the pros who respond to your request to propose a menu tailored to suit your tastes.

Make sure you know whether you’ll need to provide vegetarian or gluten-free options so your caterer can make sure there’s something for everyone.

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Do you want any additional services?

Some caterers are more “full service” than others – and the level of service that’s right for you will depend on the kind of event you’re planning.

If you’re planning a birthday garden party, you might be happy with a simple buffet service. But for a larger event like a wedding, you’ll likely need cutlery, table linens, a full waiter service and more.

Simply select the level of service you’re looking for from our checklist when placing your Bark to help us find local caterers who meet your requirements.

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Sample the food in advance

It’s often a good idea to sample a few different caterers’ food before you hire someone. This gives you a chance to check the quality of their cooking and to experience how the food will be presented.

It’s also a great opportunity to meet the chef and determine how flexible they are. Many caterers will be happy to adjust their dishes to your tastes – so don’t be afraid to make your feedback heard.

Click the link below to now place your Bark we’ll do all the legwork to get you multiple quotes from local caterers fast and free.

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How to hire a great photographer for your next event, festival or party

Event photography is about more than just turning up to things on time with an expensive camera. If you want a pro who can do your event justice, you need to know they have the skills to get the job done right.

“Hiring a professional photographer for an event is vital in my opinion,” says Bark pro Sorcha Bridge. “If you want lasting photographs from a ‘once in a lifetime’ event like a wedding day, you want the job of recording those precious memories to be in the hands of a professional.”

To discover what qualities you should be looking for when hiring a local event photographer, we spoke to Sorcha about what it takes to capture great moments on film.

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“I shoot a wide range of people-based photography,” Sorcha says. “I find with event work the key is to be very present and aware of what is going on around you, so as not to miss any key moments!”

Hiring a great event photographer is easy with Bark!
A shot for music promotion company Tsumi 4 – photo by Sorcha Bridge

Photography has been a lifelong passion for Sorcha. But for years she prioritised raising her children as a single mother – and has only relatively recently started pursuing her dream job with help from services like Bark.

“I feel now that the missing piece from the puzzle was photography for me,” she explains. “But having the wisdom I have now with age might have been what was needed to make this work.”

She says the thing that separates covering events from other kinds of photography is that it’s much more difficult to plan and produce everything in advance. As a result, a good event photographer needs to be constantly ready to capture an image at a moment’s notice.

SBP-Brighton-Fringe-festival-2016-12 (1)
Live music at Brighton Fringe Festival 2016 – photo by Sorcha Bridge

“I love shooting music events and festivals, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities for creativity shooting performers and live music,” she says. “Preparation is key to making sure everything is covered correctly. Know the running order, do walkthroughs, have meetings prior to know and understand what the client is trying to achieve – plan, plan, plan!”

She adds: “You also have to be quite confident and ‘ballsy’ when directing large groups of people or jostling with other photographers for space at music events.”

When deciding on a photographer cover an event, Sorcha says you should start by taking a look at each pro’s portfolio to view their work and make sure you like their respective styles.

A snapshot of Brighton University's bohemian nightlife – photo by Sorcha Bridge
A snapshot of Brighton University’s nightlife – photo by Sorcha Bridge

Once you’ve found a couple of people whose work you like, you can start considering other factors like budget and availability. But, for Sorcha, one particular consideration stands head and shoulders above everything else.

“Personality stands for everything, in my opinion, especially when shooting someone’s wedding – an incredibly intimate event working closely with individuals,” she explains. “I work hard to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

With Bark, finding the right photographer for your next event is easy. We’ll do all the legwork to find available pros in your area, so you can select the one that’s the best fit for you. Place a photography Bark today to get multiple quotes from local pros, fast and free.

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The Bark guide to planning a last minute party

Our very own Kai Feller turned another year older last weekend. So, of course, we decided to have a party!

Kai’s very much a “work hard, play hard” kind of guy, and we knew we’d have to pull out all the stops for his birthday – but with over 60,000 professionals at our fingertips, finding the right local pros to help us was easy.

In fact, we had such a great time we decided to put together this quick guide to throwing a last minute party for when you’re next organising an event for your friend, colleague or spouse.

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Kick the night off with luxury cocktails

Hiring a skilled bartender or mixologist is an easy way to get the conversation flowing freely at your party and keep your guests supplied with a range of delicious drinks all night long.

They’re the ultimate ice breaker. So whether you like a rich, smoky Old Fashioned, or prefer the zesty freshness of a mojito – place a bartending Bark today to find great cocktail waiters for your next party.

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Make sure the food is out of this world

Whether you want simple finger food for your guests to munch on between drinks, or a hearty buffet to line their stomachs – great food is an essential ingredient at any party.

In the end, we decided to ask our favourite personal chef to provide the canapés, and drafted in an outside catering company to cook up a succulent hog roast for later on.

With thousands of registered catering professionals, sorting the perfect food for your party is easy with Bark. Place a request today to get quotes from local caterers fast and free.

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‘Wow’ your guests with a close-up magician

We found award-winning sleight of hand artist Adam Keisner by placing a last minute magicians Bark, and were blown away by his supernatural powers.

Inviting a close-up magician to surprise your guests might not be the first thing you think of when planning a party, but it should be! We were guessing how he did it long after he’d gone home for the night.

From illusionists, to escape artists, street magicians and more – place a magicians Bark today to find master magicians in your area.

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Now you’re ready for karaoke!

Once the party’s in full swing, it’s time for the main event – and since it was Kai’s birthday, we thought we’d try something a little different.

We found Marvel Booths by placing a karaoke hire Bark, and they delivered a karaoke machine packed with hits right to our front door.

Before long the whole party was belting out the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody and Living On A Prayer at the top of their lungs, making it far and away the best buy of the evening.

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Finally, get someone else to do the cleaning

Waking up the morning after a big party, the last thing you want is to spend ages cleaning up beer bottles and scrubbing carpet stains. But, luckily, with Bark you do have to.

Place a house cleaning Bark today to find a local cleaner to handle your post-party tidy up. Then, while they’re taking out the trash and doing the dishes, you can start planning your next big night out!

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Train like an Olympian with British Powerlifting Champion, Charlie Shotton-Gale

As far back as the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896, the world’s elite athletes have competed to see who is the strongest.

The best weightlifters can shift up to three times their own bodyweight. But even if you’re not interested in developing superhuman strength, weightlifting is a great way to stay in shape. If you want to build a sculpted, muscular physique like Chris Hemsworth or Jessica Ennis-Hill – nothing beats it.

To help you incorporate weight training into your own fitness regime, we spoke to one of our most accomplished personal trainers: British Women’s Powerlifting Champion, Charlie Shotton-Gale.

Q. What inspired you to take up powerlifting?

 I’ve been powerlifting for 10 years now. I started because at the time I was playing rugby for Supermarine Ladies and wanted to get stronger – I had my sights set on England Rugby!

Then I was convinced to try out a competition… one lead to two. The first nationals I competed in I won. I was then accepted into the national team three years later and said goodbye to rugby. Best decision of my life.

I’ve been all over the world with powerlifting, made some incredible friends and seen things I never would have done otherwise.

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Q. Are you looking forward to the weightlifting events at the Olympics?

Yes, I am! It was the sport I went to watch in 2012. It’s different to powerlifting in that it is about maximum strength and power (speed of movement) whereas powerlifting is solely about max strength and invariably lofting great weights.

I love weightlifting, but I’m not very good at it. I practice and I do include it in my training for power and technique work. But it’s extremely difficult – and the athletes we watch on TV are not only strong but they are technically very accomplished. And they are very, very brave to not only be able to pick up those weights, but to catch them as well!

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Q. Would you run us through your favourite workouts?

Favourite upper body workout? Bench. Favourite legs workout? Squat. That’s all you need in life.

I’m just kidding, although not by much. My training consists of multi-body part high volume training, so I never separate legs and upper body workouts. I do them every single session.

One of my favourite workouts would be:

  • Squats 80% 1RM 5 x 3
  • Bench 80% 1RM 5 x 3
  • Tempo 4:4 squats 65% 1RM 3 x 3
  • Pistols / split squats / Bulgarian squats 3 x 6
  • Seated Deadlifts 5 x 5

If you ever meet me, you’ll see why I love leg workouts more than upper body!

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Q. How important is proper diet and nutrition? What tips do you have for people looking to optimise their diet for weightlifting?

You wouldn’t run a Ferrari on diesel, so why run your body on pizza and chips? Having said that, I am a heavyweight female so my diet is not perfect.  I aim for it to be spot on 70% of the time when I’m in post-comp mode, and 80%-90% of the time when I’m gearing up for a competition.

I always notice a difference, when I focus on my diet. Strength improvements can come in as quickly as a week!

All people are different, so I can’t give tips. One person will benefit from a high carb low fat diet, whereas I love a high fat high protein diet. My advice is pick a diet, try it for two weeks, assess your strength during and at the end. Then pick another.  Do the same till you find one that makes you feel strong.

My biggest piece of advice is: listen to your body, not to the adverts.  Your body knows what it wants – all companies just want to make money off you.

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Q. Great athletes have great trainers. How do you help your personal training clients progress with their lifting and achieve their fitness goals?

By following my philosophy of achieving: consistency, consistency, consistency. I create programmes, sessions and lifestyle plans that all boil down to keeping my clients consistent.

In my experience, the most successful people are those that have been consistently working at their chosen task over long periods of time. Okay, okay – some people are naturally gifted freaks. Usain Bolt, for example. But even he has had to work hard for it.

If I have clients that want variety, I give them variety and it keeps them adhering to the changes.  If someone wants an education and to learn skills and knowledge, then I teach them to keep them motivated.  Whatever it takes to keep my clients consistent is the service I deliver.

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Q. What advice would you give to someone just starting out with powerlifting, or any other type of high intensity fitness training?

Don’t start out thinking you could be the next big thing, or aiming for some kind of record. Keep your head down, work hard, enjoy it – and remember that there are no quick fixes. It all takes the most incredible amount of time. But if you enjoy the journey, you will enjoy the result.

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GET INSPIRED: Unleash your inner Olympian this summer with Bark

There’s nothing more inspiring than watching the greatest athletes in the world compete for Olympic glory. But why should the likes of Jessica Ennis-Hill, Mo Farah and Andy Murray have all the fun?

For many of the elite athletes that compete for Team GB in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, this will be the high point of their careers. But your greatest sporting achievement could be yet to come.

So as the clock counts down towards the greatest sporting event on Earth, take a look at our guide to unleashing your own inner Olympian this summer.


Find personal trainers with Bark

Get in shape with a personal trainer

Great athletes have coaches. Just as Toni Minichiello helped Jessica Ennis-Hill get from high school athlete to Olympic gold medallist, your personal trainer will be at your side every step of the way as you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, develop speed and agility, build muscle mass or anything else – we’ll find a great local personal trainer to provide you with all the help and support you need.

Place a personal training Bark today and we’ll begin contacting personal trainers in your area on your behalf right away.

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Finding nutritionists is easy with Bark

Perfect your diet for maximum efficiency

When you’re pushing your body to its limits, you need a balanced diet to help you perform at your peak and recover quickly afterwards.

From managing your protein intake to repair damaged muscle fibres, to helping you replace the electrolytes you lose when you sweat – a great sports nutritionist will create the perfect diet plan for your fitness regime.

Simply place a diet and nutrition Bark today and we’ll start searching for great dieticians in your area right away.



Hone your skills with sports lessons

You don’t have to be a top flight athlete to get a lot out of sports lessons. Not only are they ideal if you’re hoping to get good enough to join your local team, but they’re also great if you want to get fit and have fun in the process.

With 27 separate sports categories on our site – including football lessons, martial arts classes and more – you’re sure to find the perfect sports coach for you with Bark.

Whatever sport you want to learn, place a Bark today and we’ll begin contacting local sports coaches for you right away.

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Get washboard abs with Pilates classes

Olympians including swimmer Natalie Coughlin, cyclist Victoria Pendelton and tennis legends like Roger Federer and Serena Williams all cite Pilates as a crucial part of their training regimes.

It’s a great cross training exercise because it focusses on functional movement – working your abs, back, glutes and thighs.

If the idea of toning your body through a combination of controlled movements and breathing exercises appeals to you, place a Pilates Bark now and start getting free quotes from local Pilates instructors.

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Finding a massage therapist is easy with Bark

Have a sports massage – and do it all again!

Whether you’re training to compete at the Olympics, working out at the gym or just stuck in front of a computer all day, you’re likely to experience tight muscular pains and aches at some point.

Sports massages are proven to help you achieve peak performance, reduce the risk of sporting injury and speed up your recovery times.

So when you’re feeling sore after an intense workout, they’re ideal for treating those aches and pains – so you can get back out there and do it all over again as quickly as possible.

Find massage therapists with Bark

How to hire a great local pro
for absolutely anything

Whether you’re planning a loft conversion, or looking for a walker for your dogs at the weekend – hiring a someone to work for you is a big deal. You need to be confident you can pick the best pro for the job, and if you’ve never done it before it can be hard to know where to begin.

Luckily, with Bark you can use the same simple steps to find great local pros for just about anything. Here’s our foolproof guide to hiring great local professionals for whatever you need.

Check out each pro’s Bark profile

Once we’ve tracked down a shortlist of local pros who are eager to help you, the next step is to pick your favourite. To make this process quick and easy, we ask all of our pros to set up their own Bark profile with everything you need to decide if you want to hire them.

Take a look at each’s pros profile page to discover more about them, taking care to consider questions like: Have they done the sort of work you’re asking for before? Do they have the best portfolio of previous work? And do they have the best references?

Most importantly, pay close attention to the reviews each pro has received from other Bark customers, as these give the best indication as to the quality of their work. These reviews will be highlighted with a green “verified” badge.

Agree the price in advance

We understand that budget will often be a key factor when it comes to deciding which of our pros you want to hire. That’s why we make sure each of them can send you a rough estimate when they introduce themselves to you in the Bark Messenger.

In the majority of categories, our budget estimator tool will then show you how that price compares with what other Bark users have been quoted for similar services in the past.

But whether you’re looking for someone to mow your lawn, to plan your wedding or anything else – the most important thing is to agree the price you’ll pay in advance. So when you find someone you want to hire, always be sure to ask for an exact quote before they start work.

Consider staged payments

For jobs where materials are needed, it’s reasonable for your pro to expect part-payment before completion to cover the costs. But note that this is not the same as asking for money upfront, which you should always avoid.

We recommend offering to provide payment in instalments as different project milestones are reached. This gives your pro an added incentive to get the work done quickly, and helps ensure you’re not out of pocket if something happens that means they’re not able to complete the job.

For example, if you were having an extension built onto your house you might agree to pay for the materials when the work begins, then pay the rest upon completion.

Confirm the details in writing

The last step before the work begins is to agree the key details of the job you want doing in writing. This is especially important for larger projects, especially when they involve construction work.

Getting a written quote will be a big help in the unlikely event that you have to deal with some kind of dispute further down the line. Make sure your quote spells out exactly what work will be done, when it should be completed by and who will supply the necessary materials.

Review your pro to help other Bark users

Once you’ve hammered out the details, you’re ready to hire your pro! But before you wrap things up, there is one more thing we ask you to do.

You see, we’re proud of the community we’re creating here at Bark. People using our service can draw on the experiences of hundreds of thousands of other users to find the right pro for them – and that wouldn’t be possible without ordinary people like yourself.

So after the work has been done, we strongly encourage you to leave a review about your experiences on your chosen pro’s Bark profile. That way, we can continue improving Bark so it’s even easier to find great local pros the next time you use our service.

Planning your wedding is easy with Bark

Your wedding will be the single happiest day of your life. But with expectations sky high, the pressure of getting it all sorted can easily take the shine off proceedings. Luckily, Bark is here to help.

With thousands of registered pros providing everything from wedding photography to wedding makeup, venue hire and more – we’ll do all the legwork to make planning your wedding a breeze.

Placing a Bark is quick and stress-free, and with all your quotes in one place choosing the right pros for your wedding couldn’t be easier.

Find local wedding planners with Bark!

“What a fantastic site!” writes Emma Williams on our Trustpilot page. “I’ve used this to find room decor, flowers, photographers and hair and makeup artists for my wedding.”

She continues: “Type in what you need and the professionals come to you. It’s an easy way to compare prices and to check out people I wouldn’t normally have been able to find through search engines!”

Another happy couple ties the knot with Bark – photo by Laine Apine Photography
Another happy couple ties the knot with Bark – photo by Laine Apine Photography

“After searching for a wedding photographer without success we fell on Bark much by accident really,” adds another happy couple.

“Very pleased we did. Within a few hours we had several contact us and through these we got just what we were looking for.”

Brides Magazine estimates the average UK wedding costs upwards of £30,000, and with big decisions such as theme or venue typically being made up to 12 months in advance, planning one by yourself can be a huge commitment.

Finding everything the old fashioned way can take months of hard work and graft, but with Bark it couldn’t be easier. As soon as you’ve placed a request on our site you can sit back and relax, and the pros will come to you.

You’ll often start receiving quotes within hours of placing your request, saving you bags of time if you’re planning in advance – and and making us great for last minute emergencies.

“Our wedding planner had to resign for health reasons two months before the wedding,” writes one Bark user. “[We] found a replacement on Bark in 24 hours! Amazing.”

Find local wedding planners with Bark!

“I’ve posted several ‘Barks’ over the past six months or so while planning my wedding and have found it really useful,” adds Ami Stoppard.  “It makes a big difference when you’re having to organise a lot that companies are able to reach out to you, as opposed to you having to send off multiple emails.”

Lovers kiss on their wedding day – photo by Laine Apine Photography
Lovers kiss on their wedding day – photo by Laine Apine Photography

With hundreds of categories at your fingertips, planning your perfect wedding is easy with Bark. Whatever you need, we’ll scour the internet to get you quotes from the best local pros available on your big day, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

So whether you need a great wedding DJ, dress rental, wedding cake bakers, makeup artists or anything else –  we can help. Click the link below to place your Bark and we’ll start contacting local pros for you right away.

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Why you should hire a photo booth for your next corporate event

Everyone knows that photo booths are a great alternative to traditional photographers at weddings and anniversary parties. But for household brands like Dolby, Listerine and Adidas, they can also be powerful promotional tools.

Modern photo booths are kitted out with a host of marketing features that, with a little bit of creativity, can be a great way to promote your business at any corporate event. To find out exactly how some of the world’s largest companies do it, we spoke to Martyn Doherty from leading photo booth hire company, The Photo Cabin.

“Corporate photo booth hire is quite a broad area,” Martyn explains. “It covers anything from conferences in the day, as a sort of breakout thing for people to do, to work parties, product launches, festivals, fashion weeks – literally any kind of corporate event you can think of.”

get quotes button 2

Companies including Adidas, Listerine, PayPal, Nokia and more all make use of photo booth hire services at big corporate events – and right now, Martyn is working with Dolby at the Ministry of Sound to promote their latest clubbing collaboration.

“They’ve got the world’s first nightclub surround sound that they’ve just installed, so everything has to be remastered from stereo to Dolby Atmos,” he explains. “At every event they’re doing, they’ll have a photo booth there to help promote this night. So they’re doing animated GIFs, data capture and stuff like that.”

Having a photo booth present at the Ministry of Sound will create yet another way for people to enjoy themselves on these immersive new club nights. But the marketing benefits go way beyond the booth itself.

Adidas hired The Photo Cabin to help them cover Milan Fashion Week
Adidas hired The Photo Cabin to help them cover Milan Fashion Week

“Data capture’s probably one of the most requested things with corporate photo booth hire,” Martyn says. “The most common way is just capturing an email address. So the user can just email their photo to themselves, they type it in and we can capture it that way.”

“On Facebook upload, we can also get your name, age, current city, date of birth, email address,” he adds. “Depending on the user’s privacy settings, you can get basically everything.”

get quotes button 2

Letting people share their photo booth pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is also a great way to boost your brand’s social media presence. This approach worked wonders for Adidas when they commissioned a custom photo booth for the last Milan Fashion Week.

“At Milan Fashion Week [Adidas] were targeting certain famous people outside venues, getting them to come over and have their photo taken,” Martyn says. “They were getting like 40,000 ‘likes’ when they uploaded the pictures online.”

Listerine enjoyed similar success with their photo booth campaign at the 2014 Isle of Wight Festival, generating over 130,000 Facebook impressions in just three days.

Listerine generated nearly 140,000 with their photo booth at 2014's Isle of Wight Festival
Listerine generated nearly 140,000 Facebook impressions with their photo booth at 2014’s Isle of Wight Festival

“From 400 digital prints, the number of impressions was something like 140,000,” says Martyn. “The ROI for essentially what’s an advert to be seen that many times is huge.”

“But also, it’s not just an advert,” he adds. “It’s going to be kept on that person’s Facebook profile forever, because they’re tagging their friends to it and they’ve liked it.”

By simultaneously letting you capture valuable data about your customer base and boost your online presence through photo sharing, photo booths really are a promotional tool like no other. But it’s not just the world’s biggest brands that are using them to promote their business and attract new customers – soon, you could be too.

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