How to support local businesses during Covid-19

Shop local initiatives have always been popular, but following the disruption of Covid-19, our local businesses need your support more than ever. From personal trainers to plumbers, restaurants to photographers – all businesses have been affected by the pandemic to some degree.

One of the best ways we all can help is to support your local businesses as much as you can. Here are our top tips on how to do just that. 

Leave reviews

When you leave a review after having a great experience with a product or service, businesses are hugely appreciative. It creates what’s known as ‘user-generated content’, which isn’t just them tooting their own horn, rather members of the public. 

When the business likes or shares customer reviews on their page, it helps instil trust in other customers. You never know, your comment might just persuade someone to shop with that local business versus an online retail giant. 

So often, we only think to leave a review if we’ve had a bad experience (which is why most companies on Trustpilot have a less than favourable score) so don’t forget to leave plenty of positive reviews too, especially for local businesses. 

Interact with their content

Something everyone can do for free to support a local business is to follow them on social media. Better still, give their page a view every once in a while. Like their content, and share it with your friends. Even posting a meaningful comment will help expand their reach, plus it will give some much needed emotional support to businesses who may well be struggling at the moment.

Shop local

It sounds like an obvious point to make, but given how easy it is to order from large online sellers like Amazon, these days, local businesses often get left behind. Yet, it’s these very businesses that give our towns and cities character, not to mention occupy spaces on our high streets. 

Remember, every time you buy from a local business it puts money back into your community, rather than going to global corporations instead. It can also be a great way to get to know people, especially as the owners may well be your neighbours or even friends of friends. 

Recommend to friends and family

While most of our marketing focus is on social media these days, word of mouth still holds incredible value. When it comes to sectors such as tradespeople, everyone wants to hire someone who will do a good job. So if you’ve experienced excellent quality or service from any kind of local business, don’t be shy in telling your friends and family about it.

From the businesses point of view, it’s also a nice pat on the back when someone calls them up mentioning a previous customer pointed them in their direction. If they are a little quiet due to Covid, it can take the strain off their marketing efforts if your kind words are promoting them on their behalf. 

To sum up

Sadly, the phrase ‘use it or lose it’ very much applies to local businesses. However, even a simple gesture such as liking their Facebook page or putting in a good word with friends can be of huge help. By also keeping local businesses at the forefront of your mind while making purchase decisions, you will help support your community at a time when they need it the most.

Staying motivated while working from home

Coronavirus saw monumental changes to both how we work and where we do so. With 46% of people working from home during April 2020 due to the pandemic, you or someone you know likely switched up the office for the spare room or kitchen table. 

There’s no doubt that working from home has its benefits, not least with the reduced commute and being able to stay in your slippers all day. But without the structure of office life, how do you stay motivated? Here are our top tips to stop that procrastination in its tracks. 

Create a routine and stick to it

Hopefully, by now, you’ve figured this whole WFH situation out. But just because you don’t have to spend hours going to and from work anymore, it doesn’t mean you can get flexible with when you wake up. Make sure you set your alarm for the same time each morning, and that you start work promptly. Go to bed around the same time every night too.

While that might sound a little militant, creating a routine will hugely benefit your circadian rhythm. It’s also going to help you stay focused if you do the same tasks (such as checking emails, giving clients a call etc) at similar times each day. Otherwise, the day can slip away and before you know it, you’re having to ‘catch up’ on work late into the night.

Start with the difficult tasks first

Nobody is going to feel motivated to start that company report at 4 pm on a Friday. We naturally have more focus and attention in the morning, because we’ve only just woken up so we have more energy. But as the day drags on, our productivity falls. As we get towards the end of the week this becomes really noticeable, and we start to get distracted with thinking about the weekend.

That’s why you should always start with the most difficult or time-consuming tasks first. What’s great about this tactic is that once you’ve completed the task, you are free to relax with less pressing work. You’re also more likely to do a better job if you have your full concentration too. 

Avoid obvious distractions

The benefits of being out of the office are that you have all your home comforts within easy reach. On the one hand, this is great, but it can soon become a slippery slope. As an example, studies have found we check our phones up to 96 times a day. Then there’s the TV, especially with the likes of Netflix to keep us entertained in the background while we work. 

Removing distractions from your work area will help you keep focused because you’ll know that you can’t access them until your work is done. This in turn will spur you on to get everything completed, as you can use your distractions as a ‘reward’. By only allowing distractions to take up your free time, this will make you less likely to procrastinate. 

To sum up

Working from home has been an experience for us all, especially if it’s the first time you’ve ever been out of the office. Staying productive is one of the best ways to maintain your performance at work, and keep your mental health in check during the pandemic too. 

By following the above tips, you can learn to focus on the task at hand and save anything that’s not important until after you’ve logged off.


How to take care of your mental health during lockdown

Until March 2020, staying at home due to a pandemic isn’t something any of us were very familiar with. Restrictions on how we live our lives have affected everyone to varying degrees. So, if you have noticed your mental health has declined since the coronavirus outbreak began you are far from alone.

If this sounds familiar, finding ways to constructively combat your emotions is essential. Here are our top tips on how to take care of your mental health during lockdown to tell you more. 

Stay connected

It sounds so simple given we are all attached to our phones these days, but staying in touch makes a huge difference. Everyone is feeling isolated to some degree, especially seen as we can’t hang out with our friends and family, or even go to the pub at the minute. 

Social media is ironic in that you may have hundreds of contacts who you never actually engage with. A simple ‘hi, how are you doing?’ is all it takes to spark a conversation. Better still, give someone a call who you haven’t spoken to in a while. You might just make their day, as no doubt they are feeling just the same as you. 

Digital detox

During the first lockdown, the average person spent 45 hours a week interacting with their phones, TVs or laptops. On the one hand, spending more time indoors can’t be avoided. Plus, a lot of people are now working from home too. But, the fact remains that too much screen time isn’t great for our mental health, especially with so much bad news popping up all the time. 

While it might not be feasible to stop screen time altogether, making a conscious effort to cut down can be hugely beneficial. Whether you read a book or go on a walk, try to take some time every single day that does not involve a digital device. Social media platforms in particular are designed to be addictive, and these can have a real drain on your emotions too. 

Personal training

Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your physical and mental health. But as you may have noticed, gyms have once again been forced to close during lockdown. However, you can still access personal training during this time, as many trainers have taken to online classes and individual sessions instead. Alternatively, it is legal to work with a personal trainer in an outdoor public place during lockdown too.  

There’s everything from pilates to HIIT training out there. Granted, it’s not the same as working out in a gym, but as this year has taught us the ability to adapt is how we get through it. Even an hour on Zoom a week will give you a fresh perspective, and it will also help combat feelings of loneliness as you’ll be making a new connection without even having to leave the house. 

Seek therapy

Even before the lockdown, 1 in 4 people reported having mental health concerns. Conditions such as anxiety and depression are common at the best of times, and no doubt lockdown has only made the issue worse. Whether you lack confidence, have experienced trauma or relationship difficulties, there are hundreds of different issues a therapist can help you with.

Sessions are held in confidence and during the lockdown can be carried out over the phone,  Zoom or even live chat. Getting to the root cause of any issues that are weighing you down will benefit you in the long term, well after lockdown is over. So don’t delay in seeking help, especially if you are struggling to cope. 

To sum up

The above steps will point you in the right direction to give yourself some much-needed breathing room. Whether you are worried about your finances or feeling the effects of isolation, you don’t have to go through it on your own. Talking to a neutral party in the form of a therapist, exercising and abstaining from too much screen time will greatly improve things. 


10 free things to do at home during lockdown

In need of some entertainment to make lockdown pass by in a flash? Finding new ideas to nurture your inner self and take care of things you have been putting off is the order of the day. 

The good news is that keeping yourself busy doesn’t always have to involve spending money either. 

Here are 10 free things to do at home during lockdown to zap that boredom away. 

Create a life plan

If lockdown has given us anything it’s thinking time. Even if the future looks a little different from the start of lockdown, it’s still a good idea to decide where your life is heading. Maybe you’ve been considering a new career, or are aiming to buy a house? Now is the time to figure out how you are going to make it happen and to put the wheels in motion. If you need a helping hand to get your life in order then an online life coach is always a good idea! 

Try a lockdown challenge

Bored? It’s time to have a go at toilet roll keepie uppie or even try the latest dance craze on TikTok. Given gyms are shut right now, at least it will get you moving! Lockdown challenges are also a great way to distract the kids, especially if they are feeling pretty restless. 

Rearrange your living space

Interior designer Kelly Hoppen is a huge fan of rearranging her home regularly. While it might seem like a bit of a faff, it can actually help you get the most out of the space you do have. For example, changing the placement of your sofa or moving the dining table to allow more room either side. If you’re unhappy with your current home, this technique can help you see it in a whole new light. 

Research your family tree

Curious about where you came from? Family history websites such as Ancestry and Find My Past offer free trials that can point you in the right direction. Before you start, it’s a good idea to write down what you do know on a piece of paper, as this will help you identify which records are correct. You can begin to build your tree and even find pictures people may have uploaded of your relatives without having to pay.

At-home spa day

Love a good pamper? If so, you likely have a few beauty products hanging around the house. From a manicure to a face mask, and even a conditioning hair mask, taking time out for yourself can do the world of good. Self-care is closely tied with mental health, and we all need to be making sure we look after ourselves. Find some relaxing music playlists on YouTube to give your treatments the spa touch. 

Give an old friend a call

We all know how staying in touch with loved ones matters during lockdown, but don’t forget old friends you haven’t spoken to in years either. Many messaging platforms exist that allow you to call people regardless of where they live for free. Make the most of the time we have to do just that. You never know, it might just make their day to hear from you. 

Have a clear-out

It might not sound like the most exciting task, but if you have junk lying around or clothes you never wear, lockdown is as good a time as any to get rid of everything. Whether you send it to the charity shop or make some money on eBay, you will feel so much better when your spaces are clear and clear. The air will feel much cleaner in your home too. 

Record your family stories

Every family has amazing or hilarious stories that get wheeled out at parties. But not many people think to record them as a keepsake to pass onto the next generation. Recording your family stories either through your phone or even a video camera is an amazing idea everyone should try. Once you are finished, send a copy to everyone in your family. Not only will it bring a smile to their face during lockdown, but it will provide happiness for years to come too. 


If you’ve spent much of this year working from home hunched over the kitchen table, your body is probably feeling it. Yoga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the reality is that even some basic stretching can help avoid any aches and pains. Back pain, neck pain and even headaches can be caused by poor posture, and yoga will help you adopt a better frame. Many guru’s upload free videos on YouTube for you to try at home. 

Learn to draw

With so much time spent looking at screens these days, few of us spend time on recreational activities such as learning to draw. All you need is a pen and paper to get started which most people have lying around their homes. If you happen to have any pencils or crayons this is even better. There are millions of tutorials you can access for free online to sharpen your skills. It might just inspire your kids to become budding illustrators in the future too. 

To sum up

The above ideas will hopefully give you some food for thought when it comes to keeping yourself entertained during lockdown. While this time certainly isn’t easy, with the right approach you can use it to get things done you’ve been avoiding until now, plus learn some new skills to boot.


Staying healthy during coronavirus

There’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to make you focus on your health. Aside from the obvious measures we all need to take to avoid coronavirus itself, it’s also important to look after your health as a whole. 

This is especially the case given we aren’t following our normal routines or even getting outside as much as we normally would. Here are our top tips on staying healthy during coronavirus to guide you.

Keep moving

Even before the pandemic, the average person spent 90% of their time indoors. What with the lockdown and working from home, this number is likely even higher now. A sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health in so many ways, so you need to look at creative ways at combating this. 

Try to start each day with 10 minutes of stretching, which will help counteract any aches or pains from being hunched over a screen all day. If you live near any parks or walking trails, make the most of them by going on a walk during your lunch hour or after work. You can also find plenty of free workout tutorials online, or even hire a remote personal trainer

Ditch the takeaways

The temptation to order a pizza when the weather is grim and you can’t go out is all too real. But the reality is that processed food is the last thing we need to be eating right now, especially if you are trying to keep your immune system in check.

If you really must order takeout (and want to support local business which is great), stick to healthier dishes. For example, greens, lean protein or delicious smoothies. It might not be as tasty as a juicy kebab, but your health will seriously thank you for it. If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to healthy eating, a nutritionist or dietitian will be able to set you on the right path. 

Don’t ignore any worrying signs

Sometimes you know something just isn’t right. It can be easy to dismiss what’s going on because you’re afraid, or due to the confusion about which services are still open during lockdown. But this can make whatever it is much more difficult to treat if it does turn out to be anything sinister. 

Likewise, if you are due to attend any health screenings or checkups, do not put these off just because of coronavirus. Unless you are self-isolating, you should still be attending all of your health appointments. Remember, your GP is there to look after you, so don’t delay in accessing treatment if you need it. 

Seek support

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. What with lockdown, economic uncertainty and all the restrictions, it’s perfectly understandable if you’ve experienced a dip in your mental health as a result of the pandemic. It’s really important you don’t suffer alone, especially with so much help available out there.

Many counsellors, therapists and life coaches have switched to working remotely, offering phone and video sessions. Speaking to a neutral party can help you make sense of what you are going through, and help you carve a way forward. In fact, finding the right help can be life-changing especially if you’ve been carrying around emotional baggage for some time. Or if you don’t have much of a support system in place during the pandemic. 

To sum up

Even though you might be finding living through coronavirus tough, it’s still important to stay on top of your general health. Eating the right foods, exercising and acting fast if you notice anything that isn’t quite right will stand you in good stead. As we continue to navigate these difficult times, maintaining your health is one of the best things to focus on. 


5 home improvements to make after lockdown

After months cooped up at home during lockdown, you are probably fed up of staring at the same walls. If your property is cramped or if it’s been some time since you decorated, you might even be thinking of moving. 

But, with the right approach, you can completely redesign your existing space. Home improvements also give you something to look forward to, especially as they will allow you to fix what you’re unhappy with about your property. Here are some ideas to inspire you. 

Garage conversion

Having a garage seems like a real asset at first, until you realise you never actually use it for parking your car in. Instead, it’s become a glorified cupboard which ironically, you probably spend most of lockdown trying to declutter. 

That’s why it’s worth converting your garage to usable living space instead. This could include extending your living room or even adding a downstairs bedroom or office space to your home. Whatsmore, a garage conversion could add up to 20% onto the value of your home, meaning a tidy profit if you do decide to sell.

Find a specialist to get the ball rolling with your garage conversion!  

Window upgrade

Windows take up 25% of the average wall space. As well as letting in light, windows are designed to keep your home thermally efficient. But if it’s been a while since your windows were installed, this may no longer be the case. Plus, older windows can lack basic security features and look dated too.

These days, there are many different styles of windows to choose from including aluminium and triple glazed windows. New windows will reduce your energy bills and make your home look stylish inside and out. You can also have the frames sprayed a different colour to match the rest of your home. 

Loft conversion

In need of some extra space to live, work or exercise in? Loft conversions are ideal for creating extra rooms and come in all shapes and sizes. They can involve changing your roof shape to maximise the space created, which is ideal if you want to add a bedroom and a bathroom. Though they can also be performed on a basic level too depending on your budget. 

When you think about it, loft conversions make sense because otherwise, space is going to waste. It’s also much cheaper than moving, especially if you have a growing family and your current home isn’t big enough. Alternatively, if you’re a landlord, it may be possible to add another flat onto the property in the roof depending on its configuration. A loft conversion specialist will make light work of getting your conversion done and dusted! 

Bathroom renovation

Bathrooms that are tired not only show their age but can mean you aren’t getting the most out of the space. Even small bathrooms can benefit from a modern L-shaped bath that allows for the installation of a shower over the widest part of the tub. Sleek metro tiles and a floating sink will also add a modern touch.

Self-care has never been more important, especially with the demands on our mental health during the pandemic. What better way to relax than a jacuzzi style bath or a rainwater shower? Even on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways you can improve your bathroom. You could also add in a bathroom downstairs if you have the room too. 


With so much attention spent on the inside of your home, don’t forget the outside too. Rendering can make your home look incredibly stylish, and makes a great first impression on visitors or potential buyers alike.

It’s possible to get rendering done in a multitude of styles and finishes. An added benefit is that it will make your home warmer, especially if you don’t already have cavity wall insulation. Any damp or mould problems could also be resolved if the issue has been caused by a lack of external rendering.

To sum up

Coming out of lockdown is a great opportunity to fix things in your home that are preventing you from enjoying the property to its potential. Whether you need extra space to work from home or want to make improvements so that you can achieve a higher sale price, anything is possible with a little imagination and of course, the right tradespeople!

Services to keep your home clean through Covid-19 and beyond

Having a clean and tidy home has always been important for our health. But the coronavirus pandemic has shined a real light on how easy bacteria can spread, especially when it’s invisible. 

Even with the best intentions, it’s not always possible to keep up with the cleaning, especially if you have a busy career or children to take care of. You might not even be able to clean due to a disability or simply find you’re not good at it.

Whether you’re reading this during the covid-19 pandemic or beyond, there are plenty of services that can help keep your home clean.  

Upholstery and furniture cleaning

We spend a lot of time sitting on our sofas, and so do our pets too. Research suggests more bacteria can be found on a sofa than on a toilet seat. Given upholstery isn’t as easy to disinfect as our bathroom surfaces, this probably isn’t a surprise. But when it comes to keeping your home clean it’s impossible to remove dirt, stains and hidden bacteria from soft furnishings with vacuuming alone. 

That’s why it’s time to call in an upholstery and furniture cleaner. Using steam cleaning and professional-grade cleaning solutions, the team will make light work of even the most stubborn stains. But it will also give you peace of mind that your upholstery and furniture is clean, especially when it comes to the areas we interact with most.

Deep cleaning

Cleaning a home thoroughly is a difficult task, especially if you lack the time, skills or inclination to do it. But, it will make light cleaning much easier and benefit your health by removing dust, allergens and areas of dirt from your home. Deep cleaning services are incredibly popular for this reason and can be scheduled as a general clean or to disinfect depending on the contractor’s specialism. 

Either way, knowing your home is absolutely spotless will make a huge difference to all those who use it. The service can involve mopping, vacuuming, dusting, steam cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning and much more. Every surface will be left clean and sanitised, which is important for our health during Covid-19 and beyond. 

Carpet cleaning

When was the last time your carpets were deep cleaned? Probably never, right? Experts recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. If your carpets are in a high-traffic area of your home, or if they have visible stains on them, then it’s time to call in the experts.

Carpet cleaning professionals will use steam extraction tools to get deep down into your carpet fibres. This will agitate the dirt and allow it to be removed. It can completely transform even the dirtiest of carpets and save you from the cost of having to purchase a new one. Best of all? You’ll be safe in the knowledge your floors are hygienically clean.

Oven cleaning

Our ovens get a lot of action, and if you’ve been working from home they’ve probably been doing overtime. While on the one hand, the extreme temperatures of ovens get our food cooked, it can also encourage grease and food particles to become burnt onto the inside of the oven itself and across your trays.

Professional oven cleaning will remove all traces of debris, without having to spend hours scrubbing it yourself. This includes cleaning the exterior touchpoints, which are commonly interacted with yet we all forget to clean them. 

Gutter cleaning

Gutters are one of the top areas homeowners forget to clean, mostly because they are out of sight and so the dirt is not as visible. But what most people don’t realise is that the state of your gutters can impact your health. That’s because, over time, leaves, twigs and other debris build up in your gutters causing them to become blocked. If rainwater can’t drain away from your home properly, it can lead to damp and mould issues

This in turn can cause respiratory problems due to the mould that has formed on internal walls and ceilings. But it’s so easy to avoid this from happening in the first place. Having your gutters cleaned is a simple process, and the contractor may even use a video camera attached to the equipment to ensure the blockage has been removed. So if you’ve noticed a damp or mould problem in your home, don’t delay in having your gutters checked over by a professional to locate the root cause. 

To sum up

Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to protect your health. Covid-19 aside, many illnesses can occur if dirt is left to build up, even if it’s on the outside of your home such as in the gutters. The good news is that with so many professional cleaning services out there, you don’t have to tackle your cleaning alone. Hiring a professional for your cleaning will not only give you a better result, but it will free up more time for what’s important too.


Lockdown and home improvement – who can I have in my house?

As we plunge into another lockdown, you might be wondering what this means for who is now allowed to enter your home. While mixing might be strictly banned, what about key services you may require? 

Here’s the lowdown about who you can and can’t have in your house during lockdown to tell you more. 


Beauticians and hairdressers have been forced to close their doors once again during this lockdown. As the service is not considered essential, they are not permitted to work in your home. 


Cleaners cannot work remotely, which means they are permitted to continue working as normal throughout lockdown. If your property is on the smaller size, you may need to stay in one room while the cleaner works to avoid contact as social distancing measures still need to be adhered to. 


Locksmiths are an essential service, so they will continue to operate during lockdown. This includes retail outlets relating to the trade. They will only be responding to essential call outs such as owners locked out of the house or emergency key cutting. 


Those who provide childcare can travel to their place of work as they cannot work remotely, and this includes nannies and babysitters. If your nanny would normally look after your children at your home, they can continue to do so. 

Personal Trainers

Gyms are closed during the lockdown, but you are permitted to leave your home to exercise once per day, as long as it’s within your local area.

You are also allowed to exercise in a public outdoor space with 1 person from another household when on your own, which includes a personal trainer. However, you can’t invite a personal trainer over to your house or any other indoor environment. Luckily, many personal trainers are conducting classes over Zoom, which is ideal while you wait for gyms to reopen. 


If roofers can maintain social distancing, then they can continue to work during the lockdown. Though, consultations will need to be done over the phone rather than in person. If you have a problem with your roof, it is better to get it fixed sooner rather than later, due to other severe problems such as water damage and mould it can cause if not. 


The likes of plumbers, electricians, and builders are permitted to work in your home during the lockdown. Though, they aren’t allowed to work if they are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. Some tradespeople are limiting the jobs they take on to cover urgent callouts only.

If the job isn’t urgent, it’s certainly worth waiting until lockdown is over to have any work done to your home. This is especially the case if you live in an area of the UK that is experiencing a high infection rate, as the least people you come into contact with the better. 

To sum up 

It’s good to note that rules are subject to change and that no work should be carried out on your home if you are self-isolating.

Check out the latest UK government guidelines here.

Lockdown survival guide – come out of lockdown as your best self

So here we are back in another lockdown. It’s so easy to focus on all the difficulties we are experiencing during this time. The reality is that there is a lot we cannot control about it, especially in the face of a pandemic. 

However, one way to use this time productivity is to work on issues that are preventing you from being your best self. Whether your sticking points are mental or physical, all of us have room for improvement. 

Here is our guide on how to come out of lockdown as your best self to guide you. 

Create some goals

Most of us have more time on our hands than we are used to at the minute. If you want to use the time productively so that you come out of lockdown in a better place, creating goals is the way to go. This can include working on yourself in the form of hiring a life coach. Compared with doing nothing, taking action by creating goals and an action plan to achieve them is much more likely to achieve success. 

Alternatively, if you own a business or have always wanted to start one, then why not give business coaching a try? Doing so can give you some valuable insight into whether your idea has legs or not. An expert opinion could also get you out of a jam if you are having problems with your business too. 

Seek counselling 

Lockdown offers a unique time of stillness in all our lives and is a great time for reflection. Counsellors are currently working virtually and can help you with any of the struggles you have been facing since the pandemic began. But, they can also help you process any long-standing issues to find a way forward. For example, dealing with anxiety, depression, phobias or self-esteem issues. 

Counsellors can work with you as a couple too. Lockdown has understandably put a strain on a lot of couples, and talking things through with a neutral party can be of huge benefit. Many counsellors specialise in relationships and compared with living in a home full of tension or unhappiness, it’s far better to talk things through. 

Revise your diet 

All of us are guilty of hitting the takeaway deliveries during lockdown. But, with the lesser distractions (seen as we can’t go anywhere), now is also a good time to fix your diet. Both dieticians and nutritionists can point you in the right direction, whether you simply want to lose some weight or have health conditions you’d like to combat through your diet. 

While you can’t visit a dietician or nutritionist in person, you can have a virtual consultation with them. By telling them your stats and issues you’d like to overcome, they can help devise a tailored plan for you. After all, if you want to emerge from this difficult time as your best self, you can’t do so if you are eating the wrong foods. 

Virtual personal training 

During lockdown, personal training is banned unless it’s carried out in an outdoor public place. But you can still work with a personal trainer virtually, at least until you can meet up in person. Exercising can offer a much-needed boost to both your mental and physical health and will put you in a much better frame of mind for the months ahead. 

Most people wait until January to start a new fitness regime, but if you think about it, that’s setting you up for a fall. After all, how easy is it to give up our New Year’s resolutions? Plus, most personal trainers get booked up during January. If you start during lockdown, you’ll be ahead of the game. 

To sum up 

Lockdown is a tough time that we all must go through. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t spend this time to improve aspects of yourself that are holding you back. From fixing your diet to seeking counselling, if you use this time to work on yourself, you will emerge from lockdown a much stronger person for it.

Home renovation during lockdown

Noticed a leak in your ceiling? Fed up of your dreary hallway? Lockdown gives you plenty of time to sort out your house woes. The tricky part is navigating work being done during said lockdown.

Even if you are reading this article long after lockdown has ended, many restrictions may still apply with regards to who you can have in your home and the rules tradespeople need to adhere to. 

Here is our guide on carrying out a home renovation during lockdown to tell you more. 

Are tradespeople still working in lockdown?

The UK government has stated that tradespeople can continue to work during lockdown, as their work cannot be done from home. Though, the work should only involve anything that’s absolutely necessary during the lockdown period.  

For example, fixing urgent problems with plumbing, electric or gas. Roofers and rendering teams are also still able to work as they can do so outside.

Many tradespeople are also operating a buddy system so that they only come into close contact with one person. They will all adhere to social distancing, wear masks inside and frequently wash their hands. 

Some tradespeople may decide to hold off on accepting new jobs until lockdown is over. If the tradesperson is currently self isolating, then they cannot work and any customer who is self isolating should not be inviting anyone into their home either. Though virtual consultations to discuss the work can still take place. 

What can you do while you wait?

If you’re apprehensive to have work done in your home during lockdown, or if the service provider isn’t working until after lockdown, there are some things you can be doing in the meantime. 

For example, researching the exact service you require by reading articles or researching reviews. Using rendering as an example, there are many different types of rendering from the material to the finish to consider. 

You can also hire a virtual interior designer to come up with some ideas for your renovation. It’s also handy to spend this time working out your budget and shopping for any supplies you can source at this time. 

Emergency repairs

If you have noticed a problem that warrants an emergency response (water coming through the ceiling, faulty gas supply, dangerous electrics etc), then you shouldn’t delay in contacting the appropriate help. 

Landlords also have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their properties, even during lockdown. Though if they do have to enter your property to check the problem, you’ll need to keep well away from them ideally staying in a different part of the house to avoid any possible contact.

Good points to note

Be aware that offering cups of tea or allowing people to use your bathroom or kitchen is strictly off limits whilst social distancing measures are still in place. Even when lockdown is lifted, the way home renovations are carried out will be subject to changes. This could include the likes of virtual consultations rather than home visits, less interaction with homeowners etc. 

To sum up

It’s not ideal to start renovations on your home during lockdown, but in many cases, it can still be done especially if the work is contained to the outside of your home. Tradespeople have been working hard behind the scenes to be able to still serve their customers, ensuring both your and their safety while the work is being completed.