iMend is ‘killing it’ on Bark is a nationwide call-out mobile phone repair service. They send out a technician to the customer’s home or workplace who will fix the phone onsite, all from only £29.99. Customers love them and they often carry out repairs same day.

Bark has sent iMend 107 leads in just 3 weeks and they have converted around 20% of them into sales.

Sarah McConomy, Director at iMend, commented:

‘Bark is a great service, easy to use and we are very happy to be working with them’

Asked for advice to other businesses using Bark she commented:

‘We advise acting quickly and being prompt when you get an update or a new lead. Keep customer service in mind and you will be able to make the most of Bark and the leads you are sent’

Tricks of the trade – how Irv has built a business on Bark

Andy Irvine from Plumb It! runs a successful plumbing company in Cheltenham, UK and gets most of his business from word of mouth. However, when Bark emailed him with a customer requirement from someone just down the road he decided to give it a try and has since got 12 jobs using Bark. Kai gave him a call to see if he had any tips for other Pros on Bark.

So, how did you get started on Bark?

I randomly got an e-mail from saying that someone in Cheltenham was looking to have a bath tub removed and replaced with a shower. To be honest as I hadn’t heard of Bark before I thought it might be dodgy but I decided to give it a go anyway and wrote a reply to them asking for some more detail about exactly what they wanted. They actually replied straight away and it turns out they lived 5 doors down from me and we’ve got friends in common! I went round and did a quotation for them and installed their new shower the following week.

That’s a great start! So did you subscribe to Bark at that point?

Haha I probably should have but no I thought I’d see what else would come in first! I got a about 5 more leads over the next month and was successful with one of them and that point I decided to subscribe to get more leads.

And what happened next?

After subscribing I started getting leads every day and I also found buyers responded more quickly. Having the Verified Pro badge next to my name seems to make buyers a lot more trusting and I guess it makes you stand out amongst the crowd. I’ve been getting about one in 3 jobs I reply to which the Bark customer service team told me is pretty good going!

Why do you think you get a good response?

I’ve always put a fair bit of time into writing proper emails and detailed quotations. I’ve found with Bark that you have to spend the time to write a good pitch – or at least ask intelligent questions so that the buyer realizes I know what I’m doing and I’m worth talking to further. I know a lot of people just type one-liners and don’t even check their spelling and grammar!

Any other tips?

What’s good about Bark is that I get out what I put in. Sometimes I’m just too busy to reply quickly if I’m on a job and in those cases either I’ll just leave it or I’ll reply that evening if the job looks good enough. I think it’s important to either give the client a good experience or not at all – so I don’t reply to everything just to see what happens, I only reply to jobs I know I can deliver on.

Bark reaches 10,000 suppliers!

I’m really pleased to say we’ve hit 10,000 suppliers today registered on Bark!

That’s a great achievement for us and we are proud to be helping some many small companies get more business – without charging them a penny! Bark is working and working well – we are starting to make a real difference to how people find local service providers and are looking forward to continuing on our mission to take the pain out of getting quotes and finding skilled professionals online. list of domains .