Car washing revealed as the most lucrative household job when turning pro

Everyone remembers earning pocket money doing odd jobs around the house, but at we wondered what would be the most lucrative chores to turn into a business.

With several hundred thousand self-employed professionals using, we are well placed to interrogate our internal data to see which household jobs are worth the most to professionals. We looked at 11 different sectors and more than 12,000 quotes provided through our platform and calculated the average price per task to come up with our ultimate guide to the most profitable jobs in and around the home.

To work out the salary equivalent, we assumed professionals would work six hours a day, five days a week and take four weeks off throughout the year. On that basis, here are the annual salaries for household chores going professional.

Car valeting: £79,200

Dog walking: £56,160

Oven cleaning: £51,840

Painting and decorating: £40,320

Window cleaning: £36,000

Carpet cleaning: £36,000

Flatpack assembly: £33,120

Gutter cleaning: £28,800

Gardening: £25,200

Handyman services: £21,600

Cleaners: £18,720

We can’t help but think that some chores around the house could in fact be perfect training for a successful self-employed job in the future. There must be more than a few people wishing they’d thought more about becoming a car valeter judging by these figures!

Kai Feller, co-founder, said,

“At Bark we work with thousands of consumers looking to find a professional to take the load off and make their lives easier. In today’s connected world, people are working longer and have less time to spend looking after their home, so it’s not surprising that the potential earnings for jobs around the home is so high. We’ve certainly seen significant increases in quotes and business conducted through our platform over the last five years.”

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