Average cost of attending school prom increases by 33% to over £390 in the UK in just three years

After buying the tickets, finding the perfect dress or suit, and paying for hair and make-up, prom season can be very costly for parents – but do you know just how much it costs?

If you were to solely consider what makes up the event, such as venue hire and catering, a ticket alone would have set you back approximately £39.50 in 2016. However parents are looking at an average price of £52.50 per ticket for this year’s celebrations.

Breaking this down into services; ticket prices should cover:

  • Catering – which on average has risen from £35 per head in 2016 to £46 in 2019
  • Venue hire – the average price for a venue has crept up by £50 every year from £350 to £500
  • DJ – A DJ for this type of event used to set you back £200 and is now likely to cost around £270 instead
  • Photography – a couple of hours of photography for a prom has risen from £150 to £200

On top of the tickets, prom-goers are going to want to be looking and feeling their best when celebrating with their friends. Data from Bark.com sellers has given insight on how much you might need to spend to get your child prom-ready.

Finding the perfect suit or dress for your teenager has increased by either £10 or £30 respectively. If a manicure is on their mind, the price of nail artistry has risen from £25 to £35 and the average price of hair styling has also increased by £20, to £70 for a classic prom ‘updo’.

At least getting them to the prom in style has only crept up slightly. Sharing a limousine with eight friends, on average, would work out to be £22 back in 2016, where the same journey would now cost £25.

Service Cost in 2016 Cost in 2019
Catering £35 £46
Venue £350 £500
DJ £200 £270
Photography £150 £200
Prom Dress £130 £160
Suit £50 £60
Manicure £25 £35
Make Up £30 £50
Hair £50 £70
Limousine Hire

(split between 8 passengers)

£22 £25

Kai Feller, Bark.com co-founder, said,

“Nowadays there’s a massive social pressure to ensure that we are looking our best, so it’s not surprising to see the cost of proms to be well into the hundreds.

“Of course, the price of services are bound to increase over time, but maybe we’re witnessing a trend where sellers are treating proms the same as weddings, and hike prices up to account for the big day.”

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