Meet Ian – Artist and Illustrator

Happy Friday – and World Book Day to our friends in the States! While your weekend may be fully booked (excuse the pun!), take a moment to read Ian’s story, a freelance artist and illustrator on Bark.

Ian’s current focus is illustrating children’s books, maps and general cartoon and character work – pretty appropriate for World Book Day right? Let’s hear how Bark has helped Ian to pursue his passion as a freelance illustrator!

Tell us a bit about your background

I started out as a graphic designer and have been a freelance artist and illustrator now for over 25 years, producing work in a variety of styles and subjects for clients such as Mars, The National Trust, Paul Lamond Games and Reader’s Digest. Nowadays, most of my work is for children’s books, maps and general cartoon and character work.

When did you join Bark? 

I joined Bark in 2017 when work was a bit thin on the ground and other advertising wasn’t working, and I soon found it was an excellent platform to find potential new business leads.

It has a nice balance of business to business client work and also private individuals who may be on a budget. I use other forms of advertising less and less now, as around 90% of new clients come via Bark. 

How have you found your overall experience of using Bark? 

It’s been great to see the Bark site develop from its early days and the whole experience has been very fulfilling. The best thing about Bark? The fact that I can find and help out so many people across the whole of the country, purely down to the effectiveness of the Bark website. I’ve actually had to turn potential work down recently as I have too many leads to reply to!

How have you navigated the challenges brought about by the pandemic?

I’ve been very lucky in that the pandemic has not really affected my work too much (I’ve been self-isolating for years!). In fact, it’s meant a lot of people had a lot of time on their hands to sit and come up with amazing stories for me to illustrate!

What are your hints and tips for success on Bark?

Reviews are a must I think and, especially in my line of work, if people can see samples of my work that’s very important. I get dozens of leads a week and I can’t answer them all, so it’s important for me to be able to pick and choose carefully the right ones to chase for the kind of work I prefer to do.

How have you found our Customer Success team? 

Whenever I’ve dealt with the Customer Success Team they have always been quick to communicate and always friendly and supportive.

It’s great to hear that Bark has enabled Ian to continue doing what he loves! That’s what we’re all about, after all. Ready to take a leaf out of Ian’s book and make money on your own terms? Sign up as a professional on Bark today. 

If you’re looking for an illustrator for your next creative project, find Ian R Ward Illustration on Bark!

Check out his portfolio, read customer testimonials and get in touch! Ian’s work is also social – find him on Facebook

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Meet Jordan – Director of Pink Plan

Meet Jordan, director of Pink Plan, a property marketing company specialising in real estate photography and videos, while also providing virtual tours and staging.

Positioning themselves as your ultimate property marketing sidekick, the team at Pink Plan know a thing or two about making real estate shine online. 

From tripling their headcount in just one year and landing a £300,000 deal through just one lead on Bark, Jordan’s journey has been nothing short of incredible. 

Let’s hear how Pink Plan went from zero to one hundred in a matter of months on Bark.

Tell us a little bit about your background and business

I’ve been working with B2B property marketing for over 11 years, but Pink Plan has only been around for a couple of years. 

We provide estate agents with photography, floor plans, EPCs and virtual tours. We also help with graphic design and social media management. Photography is a powerful marketing tool for real estate. After all, photos are what piques a buyer’s interest in your home and prompts them to contact a real estate professional. So it pays to get it right. A good photograph makes all the difference, and the team at Pink Plan understand that. Our photographers have years of experience and are highly attuned in every sense of visual composition to showcase the best of any real estate property. 

We also provide virtual tours, which have become increasingly popular as a result of the pandemic. It’s been a unique opportunity to provide our clients with a service that’s been in incredibly high demand. 

What were you doing before you launched Pink Plan?

I’ve always been involved in the industry! Over my 11 years working in the industry I’ve built up relationships with some of London’s largest network agents, placing me in a strong position to build Pink Plan from the ground up. 

What made you decide to start your own company?

I have always preferred working for myself, so it was a natural progression. I started off as an Estate Agent which only lasted for 4 months. I then threw myself into the self-employed world and it all started there. 

When did you join Bark, and why did you join?

I stumbled across Bark last year when I was searching for a platform to market my services. It appeared on the top of Google and I thought to myself ‘I have to be on this!’ 

Tell us about your experiences on Bark

The great thing about Bark is that you choose the customers. Bark lets you find the odd job when things slow down but it’s also a fantastic platform for special opportunities that will create repeat business leads. 

We were able to secure a £300,000 deal through one job alert which we picked up on Bark back in 2020. Turns out the agent managed a multi-network branch of over 12 offices across East London. Pink Plan took on the whole contract, which has lead to an ever-expanding relationship with 9 to 10 appointments a day. We’re currently in conversation to move over to another network agent that they’re linked to. Our headcount has grown from 3 to 15 within just a few months! 

What’s the best thing about Bark?

Other than being clear and easy to use, the best thing about Bark is finding those big leads! 

Many people would have the opinion that Bark is just about finding one-off jobs when it’s really a lead generator – it only takes one point of contact to get repeat work. 

What are your top tips for success on Bark? 

Make sure the relevant information is on your profile. Add some pictures and make sure you appear active and up to date.

What do you value most as a company? 

The one thing we value highly is our human to human approach to real estate marketing. It’s important to listen to your client so that you can capture what they want to convey through your images and videos. If you want to sell your property it’s important to communicate a lifestyle, not just a room. That’s why we call ourselves ‘your property marketing side kick’ – we want our clients to trust us as if we’re part of the agency ourselves, there for them every step of the way. 

Well, there we have it – living proof that one lead can go a long way. It was a pleasure to chat about all things photography and virtual viewings with Jordan today. If you’re looking for a photography expert to showcase your property beautifully, search for Pink Plan on Bark. 

View their portfolio, read reviews, and request contact – all in one place.

Pink Plan are also on social! Check out examples of their photography on Instagram.

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Meet Phil- Private Chef and Owner of Chef Phil

Today we’re heading to the big smoke to catch up with Phil, top chef and owner of Chef Phil, a London-based service providing private and personal dining experiences. 

Let’s hear how Phil successfully made the leap from working in restaurants to becoming his own boss, and how he was able to secure a steady stream of clients for his new role through Bark.

Tell us a bit about you and your company

I’m Phil, and my company is Chef Phil (you can guess where the name inspiration came from!). I currently use Bark to gain business as a private/personal chef for lunches and dinners within people’s homes.

I’ve been a chef since I was 18, building my experience working in top restaurants in London, Australia, and America, before moving into corporate dining. 

When did you join Bark? 

I joined Bark in the middle of 2020. 

What made you decide to join Bark?

My work has temporarily stopped because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and I wasn’t sure when I’d be returning to work. Cooking isn’t just my career but my passion – so not being able to work felt like I was losing my passion. 

Signing up to Bark and starting fresh as a private/personal chef for lunches and dinners within people’s homes allowed me to maintain an income and continue doing what I love.

How have you adapted to your new role? 

Pre-covid I was employed in corporate/contract dining as a senior sous chef, where I was in charge of the running of the kitchen and putting out daily staff dining, business lunches, private dinners, canapés functions and buffets.

Switching to private functions has been an exciting new challenge. I now bring the restaurant to people’s homes, making them feel like they’re in their own private restaurant. I can honestly say that I get the same amount of enjoyment out of it as my clients get from being cooked for. 

How have you found Bark so far? 

Since joining Bark, I’ve managed to pick up plenty of business in the last two months which has helped to boost my profile and gain more clients.

Bark has helped me to able to get work during this pandemic and be able to do what I enjoy but has also helped me to provide a service to people who are looking for something special during lockdown.

Any tips for succeeding on Bark? 

Be precise about what you can offer, but also allow flexibility in terms of promoting your service through positive reviews and word of mouth, even if digital marketing isn’t an area you’re familiar with. Once you understand how to leverage your Bark profile it will be much easier to win new clients through Bark. 

How have you found our Customer Success team? 

I have found the customer service team pleasant and helpful with navigating the site or any issues regarding my profile.

It was a real pleasure to speak to Phil about his culinary journey. We’re seriously impressed to hear how Phil pivoted to an entirely new career in the midst of a pandemic – his cooking must be good!

Looking for a fine dining experience from the comfort of your living room? Search for Chef Phil on Bark! For a taste of Phil’s cuisine, head over to his Instagram page (Warning: browsing not advisable when hungry!).

Happy International Women’s Day! From everyone at Bark

Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March around the world. It’s a day for people to come together and celebrate everything women have achieved. 

We decided to honour the occasion by celebrating the stories, journeys and achievements of the women at Bark. Let’s find out what International Women’s Day means to them as well as how Bark has helped them to flourish in the tech industry. 

Position – Customer Success Manager
Time at Bark – 2 years

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

Helping women build confidence to thrive and feel like they’re worthy of their place to do so. So many people feel unworthy of being in a role of responsibility and all that comes with it and it’s about assisting women to feel worthy of their place. We bring so much to the table and we have incredible value. 

How has Bark helped you to progress in your career? 

It’s been phenomenal. You’re in an environment where growth is your only option, but it’s done in such a supportive way. I couldn’t imagine working somewhere where I have grown at such a pace. I can’t believe what I’ve achieved – managing a team, hitting top-level targets, and consistently innovating to improve how we can be better, how we can make the team better etc.

I never thought I could start in a company as a Customer Success agent and progress through, learning everything I need to successfully lead and structure the department. The people you’re surrounded by are so smart, and it’s such a well-oiled machine and fast-paced environment that you’re always learning. I’ve been exposed to people and things that I’d never even dreamt of. 

What challenges have you overcome since joining Bark? 

My confidence has improved with the responsibility I’ve been given. I’ve learnt to accept and understand that I am worthy of my role and responsibilities. What I don’t know I can learn – I‘ve got all the resources and support I need at Bark. 

Learning to trust my decisions is also something I struggled with – I used to sit on decisions and be so nervous about making the right one, that I’d make no decision at all. Decision making is really valued in my role and I’ve overcome the feeling of paralysis. I try and act quickly, and if the decision I made is wrong then so be it, I’m always able to correct it, but at least I made one. 

Any tips for thriving in the tech sector? 

As long as you have the right attitude, then aptitude can be taught. 

Position – Team Leader, Customer Success
Time at Bark – 1 year, 5 months

How has Bark helped you progress in your career?

After graduating from university in 2019, I was unsure where my degree would take me. Since accepting the role, Bark has led me into a career I never expected. As a Customer Success Agent, I was able to develop my knowledge of digital marketing and the start-up world by helping our talented professionals grow their businesses and client bases. Being promoted to Team Leader has allowed me to develop a vast new range of skills and have the pleasure of helping to develop other agents!

What’s been the best thing about working at Bark?

The people! Becoming a Team Leader of a rapidly growing department has been an amazing learning experience. We have a brilliant team, and I feel lucky to be surrounded by so much talent and to learn from some of the best minds in the business. 

Position – Partnerships Manager
Time at Bark – 6 months

What does IWD mean to you? 

For me, IWD is all about embracing what it means to be female, and celebrating our friends, mothers, sisters and female colleagues. It’s about overcoming challenges and being motivated to achieve success, whatever that may look like to you. International Women’s Day provides a much-needed space to reflect on what we have achieved, and that we can build further opportunities for permanent involvement and equality, regardless of sex/gender!

What has working at Bark taught you? 

Working at Bark has shown me how a successful company is rooted in equality, as I am constantly inspired by female colleagues. It’s an environment that drives women forward and encourages us to use our voice & be heard. It’s so important to have female role models among us, particularly within industries such as tech, engineering, finance, and other previously male-centric spaces. One measure of success for a company is progression opportunity, regardless of gender, and I know that’s something that is key to the Bark ethos.

Position – Performance Marketing Manager
Time at Bark – 2 months 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

It means a lot – I love seeing women succeed and achieve great things! I look around Bark and am proud to work with some of the most intelligent, driven women I’ve ever met that support and encourage each other! I come from a family of three sisters and a mother who is a successful entrepreneur and has always taught us to be strong and independent – because we can. Don’t be sorry for my dad – he’s a boss too who pushed the exact same message!

What are your top tips for breaking into the tech industry? 

Don’t be afraid or intimidated to apply for these jobs in the first place. I fell into Performance Marketing as a result of an internship for my Masters. At the time, I would never have seen myself working in this role or tech, but when the chance presented itself I went for it! Four years later, I’ve tried to apply the same philosophy in my career, which took me to London and then to Bark. Yes, tech is a ‘male-dominated’ industry but we can start changing that by taking those chances! Don’t be afraid to apply for that job or take that chance as our male counterparts would do the same!

What do you think is the biggest challenge women face in the tech industry? 

It can be intimidating joining a company with few women and I understand that. It can be difficult to be yourself but also feel like you are holding your own in a business surrounded by men. But remember you’re there for a reason and work with that in mind. Male colleagues are just as supportive as female colleagues, so take the chance and be brave!

Position – Category Marketing Manager
Time at Bark – 2 months 

What does International Women’s Day mean to you? 

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to listen to inspiring female stories on their personal experiences and journeys, which you’ll often resonate with and learn from. During months of uncertainty, it has obviously been a tough year for many women so a day to celebrate female success is important.

What do you think is the biggest challenge women face working in the tech industry?

A lack of women in leadership positions is definitely a challenge in tech but not just limited to this industry. It is widely discussed that lack of diversity (not just gender) can hinder a company from growing successfully as having different perspectives is key. Another issue this raises is the lack of female role models within a business to motivate and inspire those around them. 

What are your top tips for breaking into the tech industry? 

Downplaying our achievements and successes is a common habit inherent to females due to fears of looking arrogant. During interviews don’t lessen but highlight your successes as these would have been a big factor in getting your interview. 

Having worked alongside a number of inspiring female leaders in the workplace, a recurring piece of advice voiced to me was always tell yourself that your input is important and valued by others. I remind myself of this particularly in meetings where I’m often in the minority gender which can sometimes be a challenge.

Position – Head of Content
Time at Bark – 1 year 

What does IWD mean to you? 

IWD makes me reflect on how far women have come in terms of equality – especially in the workplace. There are women in my family who had to give up their careers as soon as they got married, as legally, they couldn’t work as married women. There are also women in my family who have run successful businesses and raised families at the same time. My parents ran a business together, so I was brought up in a very equal household – and this upbringing has shaped the values that I live by now.

Even though we’ve come far, there’s still more to do. IWD gives me a chance to take a moment to appreciate all the fantastic women in my life and all the amazing men too who are working to support us and to better understand the challenges that come with being a woman. 

IWD is a reminder to keep pushing for equality for all and for a better future for the women and men that are yet to come, both in and outside the workplace.

What are your top tips for breaking into, and succeeding in the tech industry?

Get your foot in the door where you can and remember that all experience is relevant. There’s so much more to work than what’s on the job description. Skills like communication, stakeholder management, resilience, planning and organisation are all really important to have in any role, so don’t discount the experience you have when you’re applying for roles. I used to be a teacher and I’ve also worked in bars – both of which have taught me really useful skills that have helped me in the various office environments I’ve been in. 

I’ve worked in startups for the majority of my career and have been the only woman in the room a lot of the time. I’ve learned that you don’t have to change your personality to fit into traditionally masculine environments to succeed. You do you and the results will speak for themselves. Remember, that as a woman, you have a better insight into half of your audience, that’s something unique that you can bring to the table. 

Career tips 

Work hard, be nice and be firm. Know your values and stand by them. Back yourself and have confidence in your own ability.

If you have the opportunity to manage people, take this responsibility seriously. Lead with kindness and to make sure you equip your team with the skills they’ll need to thrive. 

Take your time in figuring out what it is that you like to do. We can all be in such a rush to get the job by a certain age, but your career is long – there’s plenty of time. We spend so much of our lives at work that it’s worth figuring out what it is you enjoy doing, rather than what you think you should be doing.

Thanks to the women of today, creating a better future for the generations yet to come.

Meet Kyle – Founder & CEO of HypertroFit LLC

We’re off to Cincinnati this week to chat with Kyle, Founder & CEO of HypertroFit LLC. HypertroFit LLC is a fully online personal training and nutrition coaching company servicing clients across the United States – quite literally from Alaska to Hawaii! 

Tell us about your company

I’ve been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and specialist in fitness nutrition since 2015 and started HypertroFit in 2017.

HypertroFit is a fully online training and nutrition coaching company servicing clients anywhere across the United States.  

We specialize in body composition transformations, so weight loss, muscle growth, etc. as well as strength and performance.

What were you doing before you launched HypertroFit? 

I was working as a personal trainer in a commercial gym, moved up to a management role and immediately knew that climbing higher up the corporate ladder wasn’t for me. 

Not only that, I was already reaching a point where my entire day was full of in-person training clients and the only path I had for further growth was to charge more or completely revamp my business.

What made you want to start your own business? 

I started HypertroFit to allow me to expand the reach of people I could help. Not only that, transitioning to online-based training and nutrition programs allowed me to take greater control of the aspects of my clients lives that lead to lasting progress, namely the habits they follow when they aren’t in the gym with me. 

While nothing quite beats a 1:1 training session in person, the truth is you need to be much more focused on the 23 hours outside of the gym to really accomplish a fitness goal. And don’t get me wrong, my clients train HARD, but nutrition and recovery are paramount to creating physical adaptations, and being able to develop a program that details every aspect of the journey was exactly what I knew I needed to be doing to deliver at the highest level.

Why did you choose to join Bark? 

I joined Bark in 2020 to explore another avenue for lead generation. As a business owner, I’m constantly looking for new ways to grow and reach more people. Things started to slow down a bit during the beginning of the pandemic, which allowed me to experiment with different platforms like Bark.

How have you found Bark? 

Overall my experience has been great with Bark. It took a little bit of trial and error to find the right messaging and cadence to begin bringing in leads and converting them to new clients, but the platform has been great and the software is top-notch.

What’s the best thing about Bark? 

The sheer volume of leads. I couldn’t possibly reply to all the potential people looking for help, even if I wanted to!

What are your top tips for success on Bark? 

  • Know your target market. As I said earlier, I couldn’t possibly reach out to all of the people that come through looking for help with personal training or nutrition, nor would my message and approach work for every individual. Knowing the space you occupy and why you’re the best at what you do will help you find the right people to connect with and grow your business consistently.
  • Build up reviews as quickly as you can. This is one of the fastest ways to stand out.
  • Respond to direct messages and requests for quotes immediately. These are your hottest leads. If they have made the effort to reach out to you specifically, beyond just looking at your profile, you have a much higher chance of landing the job.

How helpful have you found our Customer Success Team? 

Customer service has been great. I’ve honestly hardly had to interact with them because the process of using Bark has been so straightforward, but the few times we have crossed paths any issues I presented were resolved instantly.

Has Bark been useful for your business during the coronavirus pandemic? 

Bark has been a great addition to my business through the pandemic. I’ve set multiple records in monthly revenue and already surpassed my annual revenue from 2019 with a month and a half to go, and a big part of that is due to Bark.

Anything else you’d like us to include!

This is a great platform for any new or seasoned entrepreneur. New features roll out frequently and the team behind the scenes are top-notch.

Kyle, you’re making us blush! It’s pretty amazing to hear about the rise of Kyle’s online business – we’re tempted to dial PT session ourselves… now where did we leave those DIY dumbbells?

Looking to get in shape but unwilling to move from your living room? Find HypertroFit LLC on Bark – guaranteed to get you moving wherever you are in the world.

You can find HypertroFit LLC on social media too! Check them out on Instagram at @hypertrofitceo and Youtube at HypertroFit.

And if you fancy some lunchtime inspiration on all things fitness, nutrition and business, check out their podcast on Spotify: Yesterday’s Coffee. You can get it on Apple too.

Inspired by Kyle’s story? Join as a professional on Bark to see a step-change in your business. Whether it’s improving your online presence or connecting with more customers remotely, we’ll get you there.

We’re limiting how many responses a lead receives!

Calling all professionals…

We’ve got some exciting news to share!

We’ve introduced a new feature which lets you see just how many professionals have responded to a lead, making it even easier for you to pick the best customers for your business.

We’re also limiting the number of responses a lead receives, and you’ll see this change for all of your categories!

We’ll now display what the limit is and how many responses a lead has, making it even easier to choose your leads wisely. 

Keep an eye out for this information on your leads dashboard and in the emails we send you about new leads. 

We’ll keep it short and sweet, but if you’d like to know more about this new feature, and more importantly, how it can benefit your business, drop us a line on

Or give us a bell! Our friendly Customer Success team work around the clock so call them at a time that suits you. Find your region-specific number on our website and get in touch today. 

We’ll keep working hard to make Bark the best place to grow your business.

Meet Richard – Managing Partner at RFS Marketing & Communications Ltd

Today we’re in sunny England meeting Richard, Managing Partner at RFS Marketing & Communications Ltd. Richard & RFS have been using Bark since 2017. 

The team at RFS help private companies and charities of all shapes and sizes grow their business through social media marketing, website development, paid social media advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimisation – businesses supporting businesses, that’s what we like to hear! 

But how has Bark helped Richard to grow his business? Let’s find out… 

Tell us a bit about your company and what you do

We are a digital marketing agency based in the UK. We support businesses and charities with website development, social media marketing, paid social media advertising, email marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

What you were doing before you launched your business? 

I was a board-level director at a leading UK behaviour change consultancy, creating a positive impact through person-centred design. 

What made you take the leap to start your own business? 

I was really motivated (and still am!) by helping businesses to grow through the use of innovative digital marketing. So I put this into action, using my extensive experience in digital communications to set up RFS. 

What made you join Bark? 

We joined in 2017 as a way of identifying potential leads in a crowded market place.

Tell us about your experiences on Bark…

To date, Bark has delivered us an incredible 2343.4% return on investment for our company!

What’s the best thing about Bark?

There are dozens of leads in our niche delivered to our inboxes every day, with enough information to allow us to make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue each lead.

What are your top tips for success on Bark?

When you identify a good potential lead, get in touch with them immediately and don’t be surprised to have to call and email several times. Don’t expect them to get back to you, even if they specifically asked you to get in contact.

How helpful have you found our Customer Success team? 

Very. Whenever there has been an issue (which has been hardly ever) they’ve responded immediately to resolve it.

How has Bark supported you during the coronavirus pandemic?

The pandemic has largely been business as usual for us, if anything there’s been a greater demand for digital marketing support as more consumers needed to go online, and new startups requiring websites and social media campaigns have emerged.

We’re proud to support the team at RFS Communications, an incredibly talented bunch who continue to support businesses grow and thrive through digital marketing. 

Want to make a real difference with your digital marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin? Search for RFS Communications on Bark. Check out their profile, read reviews, and get in touch today. 

You can find RFS on social media too! Search for rfs_marcomms on Instagram, rfsmarcomms on Twitter, and @rfsmarketing on Facebook.

Check out more professional success stories on the professional spotlight series of our blog, or if you fancy yourself as the next success story, sign up as a professional on Bark today! 

We made it to the Rocket List 2021 – Bark is one of the top 50 companies to accelerate your career in London!

We’re thrilled to announce our debut in the Rocket List 2021, recognising the top 50 companies to accelerate your career in London – what a way to kick off the year! 


Find out why Bark’s a great place to work –

Our growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. In 2020 alone we hit some huge milestones – launching in the APAC region, opening our first office in Melbourne, reaching 10 million customer requests, and increasing our team from 40 to 85, to name a few. When you look at it in the context of 2020, that’s some pretty impressive stuff. 

This wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team. From the customer success agents who support our professionals in everything and anything to the development team who strive to make our product the best it can be, each team and individual is committed to propelling us towards our ultimate goal: to be the Amazon of Services. 

Bark’s growth is matched by the growth of its employees. We’re in a scale-up phase, so new roles and opportunities are always being created to solve emerging challenges. You don’t need to be the most experienced team member to progress – talent and determination alone are enough. This culture of inclusion is what makes Bark such an exciting place to work. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what the team have to say: 

“Not only has my career grown since I started at Bark, but so has my confidence in the work I produce, my willingness to continually be learning, and my sense of accomplishment. None of this could be achieved without dedicated management and the constant support from other team members.”
Molly, Email Marketing Executive

“I was hired as a temp on the customer success team where I worked for 5 months. I was then promoted to Partnerships Manager and I’ve been in this role for 6 months. It’s a complete career change for me – before I was working in prisons and tertiary education in New Zealand, but I really do love it here. Bark has made me aware of other opportunities within the business right from the start and has fully supported and encouraged my career growth.”
Olivia, Partnerships Manager

“I joined Bark as a Customer Success Agent and moved into a marketing secondee role after a month. 3 months later I was made permanent, and I’ve never looked back. Bark recognises your strengths and helps you to cultivate them. I’ve been in here for 7 months and I can’t believe how much I’ve grown when I look back and reflect. The amount I’ve learned in such a short time is just incredible, and I’m so grateful for that.”
Katie, Content Executive  

“I joined Bark as a temporary employee in 2019 and since then I’ve been promoted twice! First to a Customer Success Team Leader and now to a Customer Success Manager. I don’t think any other company would have offered me the same opportunity for growth, and in such a short amount of time!”
Jamaal, Customer Success Manager 

Achieving the unrivalled growth Bark has in such challenging times is a reflection of its outstanding team and the innovative culture it promotes. 

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2021 as we continue on our journey! 


Meet Brandon – CEO of Brave Top Construction

Today we’re jumping across the pond to Ontario, Canada, to chat with someone who really knows the definition of hard work – Brandon, CEO of Brave Top Construction and Clean Er Up Bin Rentals. Let’s dive in!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional background. 

I’m 26 years old from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I started Gutter Cleaning as a side job while running a bin rental business. 

I spent around 10 years doing roofing working for my father so it came naturally to me, watching him and my mother sell to people either on the phone or in person. 

That, combined with reading, and the fact that friends my friends were concerned about money during Covid 19 motivated me to start a side hustle on top of an already busy business. I wanted to show that you can juggle two businesses at the same time. 

Lots of my friends were complaining about how difficult it was to make money. I also wanted to prove them wrong – that it was actually achievable if you took the time to educate yourself about an industry by reading books, learning from YouTube, and applying that into action!

When did you join Bark, and why did you join? 

I joined Bark in June 2020. I wanted to challenge myself, and Bark seemed like the perfect platform to grow my second gutter cleaning business.

I started off with a goal to reach $10,000 in gross income in 1 month, and I knew I could do it as there were so many leads coming through on Bark – I just had to plan it accordingly. 

Did you experience any setbacks in the early stages of your business? 

Absolutely! When I first started I failed on every single lead. I was in a brand new role and industry, so I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. It was only through trial and error that I started to see some success. 

Within a few months, the business started to grow from strength to strength. My income was $200 in June 2020, and six months later I’d crossed my personal goal of $100,000 gross income. 

After that, the business just blew up. My favourite moment was when a major rainstorm happened – I got 52 Leads in one day and I had to turn off my business phone, it was going crazy!

What do you owe your success to? 

I focused on customer service, not money. The money will always come when you offer great service and care about the customers. 

Before launching my business, I also read a lot on sales, stocks, economics, business and decision-making skills. This gave me the foundation to deal with the everyday challenges of business. 

What’s the best thing about owning your own business? 

My favourite thing about having this business is being able to meet new people, which has also led to opportunities for business partnerships. 

For example, I’ve created a partnership with Alu-Rex where I upsell Leaf Guard to customers who are tired of having their gutters cleaned. 

Working with Alu-Rex has shown me different ways to approach customers, as well as teaching me how to educate customers on how Leaf Guards work. It’s a win-win scenario.

Tell us about your experience with Bark 

It’s been absolutely amazing. The customer support team respond to my queries on the same day. I owe a lot of my success to the team at Bark 90% of success comes from Bark, the other 10% comes from me doing the job. Bark is there for you all the way. 

What’s the best thing about Bark? 

The customer support is like having free employees so why not leverage their amazing team?! They’re with you all the way, from teaching you how to be successful, to providing tips on how to sell to customers. You’ll have instant success if you understand how to engage with customers, Bark gives you all the tools to succeed.

Do you have any tips for success for professionals new to Bark? Or for new business owners in general? 

  • Respond instantly to every lead you know you can complete right away or you know you can book it in for the next day or so.
  • Make sure you have good credit so you can leverage your borrowing power for tools/materials. 
  • Customer Service first, money ALWAYS last.
  • Be prepared to reinvest your money and buy a bigger credit package, as this will give you a better discount per credit.
  • Ask the Bark team for help when needed. Let them know what they can do better to make your experience better.
  • Be honest to customers & don’t do poor work. Follow this and your life will change positively.
  • You can still do business on Bark if you don’t have a work vehicle. Just book your jobs in for the weekend and rent a van/truck for the weekend so you can complete the jobs. No excuses to not work for yourself.

How helpful have you found the Customer Success team? 

Extremely helpful. Occasionally I’ll send over suggestions on how to improve Bark. They scratch my back so I scratch theirs.

Anything else you’d like us to include? 

Bark has changed my life forever and they will change yours as well.

I want to say thank you Bark for the opportunity to change my life and inspire the friends and family that are closest to me. I always tell customers to go onto Bark if they need help finding any other services. Bark is the present and the future and I recommend it to everyone – customer OR professional. 

Wow – it’s pretty impressive to get your side hustle off the ground in the middle of a global pandemic, while holding down a busy full-time job – serious props to Brandon! 

If you’re looking for Gutter cleaning, demolition services, skip hire or waste management check out Brave Top Construction’s Bark Profile. Read their 5-star reviews, view photos of their work and request contact! 

Want to get to know more professionals? Head over to the professional spotlight section of our blog, where you’ll plenty of inspiration from people who built flourishing careers despite Covid-19.  

Could the next success story be yours? Join as a professional on Bark today. 

We’ve reached our 10 millionth customer request!

We’re wrapping up the year hitting a huge milestone here at Bark – we’ve reached our 10 millionth customer request! 

It’s a pretty mind-boggling number, and a great moment to reflect on how thankful we are to the customers and professionals who have brought the platform to life. 

Since Bark’s creation in 2015, we’ve grown pretty fast. Today, we’re able to serve customers in over a thousand different industries, plotting ourselves in eight different countries in all corners of the globe! And that’s all thanks to the talented professionals and customers using our platform. 

This year it’s been more important than ever to support local businesses, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of the effort, assisting businesses as they move their services online. 

When Bark began our mission was simple: to make finding and hiring local service professionals as quickly and easy as buying something from eBay or Amazon. While that hasn’t changed, we now have a much better chance of reaching that goal, thanks to the continued support of our professionals and customers. 

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds as we move forward into 2021, together.