Adulting 101: Basic skills classes launch for Gen Z

While they might have an app to tackle most tasks in life, society has failed to teach Generation Z some of life’s most basic skills.

That’s why we have partnered with our tutors, accountants, mortgage brokers, mechanics and more to offer ‘adulting’ classes, to help equip young people with essential life and workplace skills not taught in schools.

The classes, which will launch across the UK, have been announced after internal data from our site revealed a 15% rise in requests, or ‘barks’, for basic jobs such as repairing clothing, changing a tyre, cleaning and basic home repairs.

Classes start at £50 per day and will cover a range of skills, including:

  •         Changing a tyre
  •         DIY repairs
  •         Applying for a passport
  •         Professional communication
  •         Filing a tax return
  •         Managing personal finances
  •         Preparing for a job interview
  •         First aid
  •         Mortgage types & saving for a deposit
  •         Sewing & repairing clothes

People looking to attend an ‘adulting’ class can register their interest here.

A recent study* by Young Money reported deep concerns around financial education awareness in UK schools, while further data** from International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt revealed that over the next decade, 387 million children are set to leave school without the basic skills needed to get on in life.

The ‘adulting’ classes have been designed to tackle these gaps of knowledge which have grown steadily from Generation X to Generation Z.

Professionals working in areas such as accounting, home economics and mortgage advice can apply to work as tutors to take an ‘adulting’ class, to pass on these essential skills.

Tutors can expect to earn around £100 per class but, as with all service providers, they can set their own rates.

Those interested in becoming professional ‘adulting’ coaches can register here.

Kai Feller, co-founder of, commented:

“We noticed an increase in requests for professionals who can offer cooking classes, fix basic mechanical problems and provide careers advice, among many other basic life skills that are simply not available in schools.

“Young people are coming out of higher education with gaps in their knowledge and are effectively thrown into the deep end when it comes to ‘adult’ responsibilities, such as creating a budget or filing a tax return.

“We want to fill these gaps and ensure that young people are given the opportunity to learn the skills they need in order to be self-sufficient, successful adults from the moment they leave home.”

4 thoughts on “Adulting 101: Basic skills classes launch for Gen Z”

  1. I am Retired at present but continue to work part time in a Professional NHS role. I have FEATC, also PGG & previously taught adult evening classes.
    Competences include hand & machine sewing; replacing a Zip & buttons; turning up Hems. Experience of applying for a passport; Completing Tax forms and Professional communication skills in my current role.

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