3 benefits of Commercial & Office Cleaning

Approximately 90,000 hours of our life will be spent at work, which equates to about a third of our lives. It’s important to enjoy work given how long we will all spend doing it. Something that can make a huge difference to your job satisfaction is the environment you work in, especially if it is clean and hygienic. 

Commercial cleaners are tasked with making sure your premises are left spotlessly clean. Here are 3 benefits of commercial & office cleaning to tell you more. 

Creates the right first impression

First impressions count for a lot. Depending on the nature of your business, there may be lots of people who spend time on your premises aside from just your employees. When the environment they enter is clean and professional it immediately sets the right tone. Remember that if you are spending 40+ hours a week at work, you could even stop noticing the clutter around you. That won’t be the same for visitors who will spot it straight away! 

By hiring a professional commercial cleaner, you’ll have no such issues. The cleanliness of your business premises will be constantly maintained. That means even if clients pop in on a whim, you’ll never be caught out by untidy workstations or even a filthy kitchen. After all, a lack of cleanliness can be very off-putting to others and it could even cost you business too.

Improves productivity

The stress and chaos of work can take its toll, and often this is reflected in the immediate space around our desks. Just like how a tidy home can make you feel happier, healthier and more productive, the same can also be said for your work environment too. So if you want to improve employee efficiency, innovation and productivity, then a clean work area is a must.  

Whatsmore, a study found that employees lose an average of 9 workdays per year, which directly is attributed to a lack of workplace cleanliness. Viruses, in particular, can live on touchpoints such as keyboards, door handles and light switches. If your employees take time off due to sickness, this can affect the productivity of your whole team. This is just one of the many reasons why hiring a professional cleaner could save you money in the long run. 

Boosts employee morale

Working in a dirty, cluttered environment does little to inspire enthusiasm in the workplace. Such a scenario can create stress and overall dissatisfaction in your job. Whatsmore in some roles employees are required to clean their own work station. However, if the nature of their work is far removed from cleaning (such as an office job) then this can reduce employee morale.

By hiring a professional to take care of the cleaning, it demonstrates to your employees that you value their contribution. Plus, when your employees walk into the office in the morning they will see it’s clean and smells fresh. This puts them in a much better frame of mind to work in which will boost their morale. 

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Those bins won’t empty themselves! Professional cleaning for your office or business location has a wide range of benefits for all those you use your premises. The cleaner you choose will ensure the environment is left looking and smelling clean and fresh. Whether you need a cleaner to visit one a day or once a week, you can find local commercial cleaners on Bark.

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